Phoenix Public Transit Secures $16.3 Million Green Bus and Infrastructure Grant
The Federal Transit Administration awarded the Phoenix Public Transit Department a $16.3 million grant for greener (low and no emissions) buses and supporting infrastructure. The grant is made available through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law under the Low-No Emission and Buses and Bus Facilities highly-competitive grant programs. The programs’ goal is to support the transition of the nation’s fleet to more energy efficient and cleaner transit vehicles.

The funding from the grant will be used to​
• replace aging buses with battery electric and hydrogen fuel-cell buses
• install new infrastructure needed for bus charging/fueling and maintenance
• assist in workforce development by training transit personnel to maintain the new fleet

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First-of-its-Kind Curriculum for Autistic Teenagers Debuts in Phoenix
Raise the Roof for Autism, a Phoenix-based national advocacy foundation, announced a first-of-its-kind curriculum specifically designed for autistic high school juniors and seniors. The 16-week online program with monthly in-person meetups culminates in a five-day outdoor adventure in Sedona where students will be able to practice and refine many of the skills they’ve developed throughout the course.

The Life Learning Curriculum is an evidence-based program that incorporates PEERS Social Skills Training with visual time management, organization, problem-solving, and physical training. It addresses social competence and executive functioning skills and pairs this learning with a physical training program designed to prepare participants for a real-world, hands-on travel adventure. To learn more, visit

Hundreds of Crime Guns Seized in Summer Crackdown
A little more than one month after the launch of “Operation Gun Crime Crackdown,” hundreds of crime guns have been taken off the streets and out of the hands of criminals.

The multi-agency, multi-faceted operation kicked off July 5, and focuses on reducing the number of violent gun crimes plaguing our city. Enforcement is aimed at taking guns away from those who are not supposed to have them while protecting the rights of law-abiding citizens.

“Guns are getting into the wrong hands leaving children without parents, families devastated, and communities living in fear. We must do something to protect our children, our community’s officers, from gun violence,” said Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams at a news conference announcing the operation.

Phoenix police have seized 711 guns from July 5 to Aug. 15, including more than a dozen guns with a “conversion device” on them. A conversion device is an illegal part added to a gun to make it fully automatic. Police also seized a flare gun that was modified to shoot a 9mm round.

During that same time, Phoenix police also made 526 arrests associated with gun crimes.
Phoenix Fire Department Launches Drone Program
The Phoenix Fire Department proudly deployed drone operations through the department’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Program for the first time this summer. Since the launch, the UAS team has been busy training for and responding to different emergency incidents across the city. The phased-in approach has allowed the group to work through the expected and unexpected obstacles.

As a result, the Phoenix Fire Department’s UAS team has conducted a total of 94 flights with a total of 14.4 hours in the air. During those flights, the team has responded to a total of 12 incidents – including 1st Alarm Fires, brush fires, and mountain rescues.

With a group of nine FAA Certified pilots, drone team leadership has initiated communications with the Federal Aviation Administration, Sky Harbor Operations, Sky Harbor Tower, Phoenix Police, PFD Special Operations, and PFD Operations.

The UAS Program will continue to improve the integration into Fire and Special Operations by continuing to train and respond to incidents. The Phoenix Fire Department’s Technical Services Division is assisting with improving video feed options for command. Those visuals will allow for enhanced reconnaissance capabilities.