By Allison J. Barnett

This year was a year for the books in so many ways. One of the highlights is just how our vibrant North 32nd community came together to create magic and happy memories throughout the year despite the challenges we faced.

While celebrating has certainly been different this year, there is so much gratitude knowing that we live in a community that will strive to come together to celebrate holidays and special events in new and different ways during uncertain times.

Early in 2020, our community rallied with chalk art throughout the neighborhood done by incredible artists, friends and family alike. Then we found ways to bring shamrocks and Easter egg hunts in new ways, which gave families something to look forward to as they engaged in their evening walks. There were many birthday car parades too, including one for a wonderful car aficionado named Ryken.

Our community was so creative in rallying to support each other by making masks, and delivering food and other essentials to those that needed them. We created new business ideas, including selling kids’ homemade delicious treats, and so much more.

We also enjoyed an online citrus map with neighbors sharing with neighbors some of their bounty. With citrus coming back in season, we would love for this to be a map that updates each season in the nature of sharing and caring. Visit to learn more.

For decades, North 32nd residents have decorated our homes for the various holidays to the delight of people of all ages. These decorations will continue to bring us together as we delight in celebrating in new and sometimes unfamiliar ways.

Did you get to enjoy the Halloween decorations? It certainly felt like there were even more decorations out this Halloween even though trick-or-treating was a bit different.

As we head into what is one of the most festive seasons in our community, let’s see just how bright we may make this season of light. We encourage you to share in the festivities in the way that is most comfortable for you and your family.

Although we will not be hosting an “official” Sheaborhood Festival of Lights this year, we encourage you to post where you see the best lights on this map ( and go out for a bike ride as a family or a car ride.

We would love to see photos of how you light up this holiday season, so please be sure to use #north32ndcelebrates when you post photos on social media now and throughout the year.

An update on community meetings: we will be hosting them quarterly rather than monthly. We will have the first meeting on January 21, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. and it will be virtual. Details will be shared via our email list as well as on social media, so be sure to sign up at

Allison Barnett is an Ambassador for North 32nd, which brings revitalization with strategic partnerships with the City of Phoenix as well as local businesses. Allison is also a licensed REALTOR® in Arizona and California as well as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). Find out more at and