Information Courtesy of Scottsdale Bible Church

Today, most students are expected to use technology at home, but millions don’t have access to computers or internet and risk falling behind in their education. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic put a spotlight on this crisis known as the Digital Divide, revealing the millions of K-12 students who are unable to navigate distance learning. These children face long-term social, academic, emotional and economic challenges as a result.

Thirty percent of Arizona students lack high-speed internet access and 20% do not have access to appropriate devices. These inequities in education have been exacerbated by COVID-19, creating an urgent need to give kids equal access to technology for remote learning. In our state alone, thousands of kids have vanished from the school system because their teachers cannot contact them remotely.

Together with the City of Phoenix and School Connect, a local nonprofit, Scottsdale Bible Church (SBC) wants to help close the digital divide in Phoenix by providing 9,640 laptops. The plan is to:
• Raise $1 million to purchase 5,265 laptops at $190 each for students in every City of Phoenix school district that reported a need. These districts will check out laptops to students so they can do homework and participate in distance learning as needed.
• The City of Phoenix will purchase the additional 4,375 laptops needed in these districts using CARES Act funding.
• SBC and the City of Phoenix will reach out to businesses to help provide high-speed internet service for kids in these districts.

To learn more, and to donate, visit Have questions? Contact Shannon Cox at [email protected] or 480-824-7243.