It is with great pleasure and optimism that I look forward to the fall semester serving PVSchools as superintendent. My vision is simple: focus our district on teaching and learning as measured by student achievement. To do that, we will rely on our common interest of ensuring that every student meets or exceeds their potential in PVSchools. We will also work to update our strategic plan to continue cultivating world-class thinkers over the next three to five years and beyond.

Looking toward the upcoming school year, I want to communicate the following:

Planning for Masks Optional
When school resumes this month, we plan to make masks optional. Dr. Lee and I stated this expectation in a letter to families earlier this summer, and it continues to be our plan based on the availability of vaccinations for students 12 years of age and older, recent CDC guidance with respect to removing the mask requirement for people who are fully vaccinated, and the existing data on COVID-19 in younger students, which indicates less severe illness and lower rates of transmission. We recognize that there are differing opinions about this plan and that is why we’ll continue to offer robust virtual learning options, as well as pay close attention to local, state, and federal health guidance.

No Requirement for COVID-19 Vaccinations
We believe that it is our responsibility to give our community access and choice. We will continue to work with health partners to make vaccinations available for underserved communities through community-based pop-up clinics. Our goal is to return to as near normal, pre-pandemic teaching and learning environments as possible and partnerships like these help move us in that direction.

No Plan to Adopt “Critical Race Theory” or the “1619 Project”
The district has a long-standing process for open and transparent adoption of curriculum and curriculum resource materials. During the last year, we had a process to update curriculum resources for Performing Arts and K-8 Social Studies. These adoptions are for resource materials only and support state standards, which have been consistent since 2018 (Social Studies) and 2015 (Performing Arts).

For both of these resource material adoptions, a committee of teachers, administrators, and parents met throughout the year to review the materials and recommend those that provide effective teaching and learning opportunities aligned with our state standards. Hard copy materials were made available for public viewing and online materials, including video introductions, were available on our website during the committee process. As with all previous adoption processes, we also sought input from the community.

Our Continued Commitment
PVSchools remains committed to developing relationships that support social, emotional, and academic needs; removing barriers so that all students can participate and experience success in high-quality programs; and ensuring equity for all students. These commitments continue to make PVSchools a safe and positive learning environment for all.

The Paradise in PVSchools is our shared commitment to student success in a respectful, healthy environment. I look forward to serving PVSchools and doing my part to continue ensuring student success.