By Erica Shipione
Photo by Edward Maney

Known for the incorporation of local art throughout their 24 Valley locations, Pita Jungle’s newest art edition calls Park West home.

“Since the first day we have opened, back in November 1994, we have sought out local artists to adorn our walls with art that is for sale 100% in favor of the artists,” says co-founder Bassel Osmani. “For Pita Jungle, it was a meaningful way to engage with our community while maintaining endless art rotations to keep our restaurant fresh and perpetually re-invented.”

The Park West mural was created by local artist Kyllan Maney, who has previously designed and painted another mural for the Valley-based restaurant group. For the Park West project, Maney drew her inspiration from the artwork of Georgia O’Keeffe, which translates through the designs of the bright, large-scale tropical flowers.

“Having designed and painted our last mural in our Chandler Heights Pita Jungle, Kyllan Maney was our proverbial go-to person when we initiated our discussions with the Park West management team regarding a mural on the exterior facade of our restaurant,” says Osmani.
“This time around we wanted for the art to capture a wondering glance just long enough to trigger a cascade of emotions that we hoped may connect the beautiful visual to our delicious cuisine,” he adds. “With a ton of artistic expertise, a beautiful mural that reflects both Pita Jungle’s artistic inclines and Park West’s strife to aesthetic excellence saw the day. In all modesty, we are proud of it too.”

Maney, who has painted several murals across the Valley, plans to continue to create and develop her artwork into various mediums that can be translated into public art including walkways, stairs, playgrounds, and freeways.

“I really enjoyed painting alongside the community at Park West,” says Maney. “Everyone was so friendly. I had several people stop by and talk to me about my mural and they shared a bit about themselves. I love painting murals for this reason.”

As Pita Jungle continues to be a local favorite for years to come, we can be assured local art will be a staple throughout the walls of their establishments whether it’s framed and hung or painted on a wall.

“Today, with 24 locations on the map, art rotations are managed by our art curator to propagate that ever changing artsy vibe one store after the other, as the months pass by,” says Osmani. “Murals on the other hand provide us with a sense of anchoring and stability, as the art becomes a permanent fixture within the visual field of the restaurant.”