Abrazo Cave Creek Hospital, the first hospital in the Town of Cave Creek, just opened its doors. The hospital offers a 13-bed emergency department, an operating room, and eight inpatient rooms located near the intersection of Carefree Highway and Cave Creek Road at 5227 E. Carefree Highway.

The single-story neighborhood hospital will provide medical care beyond what’s available at an urgent care or freestanding emergency center, according to Administrative Director Sarah Bird, RN.

“Abrazo Cave Creek Hospital is in an ideal location for ease of access and was planned with an emphasis on quality medical care and efficiency,” says Bird. “We are able to provide a higher level of care than an urgent care and shorter ER wait times. Our general surgery capability means if you come to the ER with gall bladder symptoms or appendicitis, for example, you won’t need to be transferred elsewhere. We will have 24/7 emergency and general surgery coverage.”

The diversity of the Cave Creek community means the hospital is prepared to serve patients of all ages. “We’ve been developing strong relationships with local EMS providers and will be proud to serve the community side-by-side with our EMS crews,” Bird says.

“Patients with abdominal pain, sprains and broken bones, lacerations, pneumonia and flu are typical of the types of conditions we expect to see in the emergency department,” says Dr. Sarah Beckett, medical director of Emergency Services at Abrazo Cave Creek Hospital.

“As an emergency medicine physician, it is an honor to be involved with this new hospital. The Town of Cave Creek and its residents will surely benefit from having medical care nearby. Minutes matter in an emergency, and our emergency department will accommodate all ages. We will strive to keep ER wait times short, and to provide safe, high quality care. It’s about providing the right care in the right place,” says Dr. Beckett.

At approximately 35,000 square feet, Abrazo Cave Creek Hospital is smaller in scale than a typical general hospital, but still offers surgical services, a full emergency department, inpatient rooms, ultrasound, x-ray and CT scan, laboratory, pharmacy, and other services, explains Bird.

“Many of our leaders and team members have dedicated a significant part of the last year making Abrazo Cave Creek Hospital a reality,” says Naman Mahajan, CEO of Abrazo Cave Creek Hospital and Abrazo Scottsdale Campus. “I could not be prouder of the team who over the course of the last month has worked diligently around the clock to ensure a successful opening.”

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