Almond Tree Wedding Boutique just announced that it will be closing its doors this month after 12 years in business. The owner, Pam Ronalter, made the decision based on the boutique’s current lease at High Street.

“Creating and operating Almond Tree has been the passion and challenge of my adult life, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. But it is just the right time to move on to the next chapter,” says Ronalter.

Ronalter grew up in Arizona and opened Almond Tree in 2009. Over the past decade, she has seen the highs and lows of owning a small business. While the recent pandemic was difficult for the wedding industry, Almond Tree found success by adapting to provide private and semi-private dress showings, elevating the way the boutique is cleaned each day, and finding ways to continue to deliver the service and value that every bride deserves.

“We have triumphed over the existential challenge to small businesses caused by the pandemic just as we did during the financial crisis of 2009,” says Ronalter, who works alongside her husband.

According to Ronalter, Almond Tree’s lease ending was an opportunity to close this chapter of her life and leave the industry on her own terms. She is excited about the future and looks forward to helping as many brides as she can over the next few weeks.

Until the end of the month, the bridal shop is having a storewide sale on all its items. Every single dress is marked down in price and brides can find wedding dresses for less than $200. Almond Tree offers dresses in all different sizes and prices as well as other accessories to complete the perfect bridal look, she notes.

For more information on the bridal boutique, or to book an appointment, visit Almond Tree is located at 5410 E. High Street, Suite 107.