Photo courtesy of the Arizona Live Music Cooperative

The Arizona Live Music Cooperative is inviting music lovers and performers to a unique open mic experience every Monday night. Unlike the typical open mic night held at a bustling bar or restaurant, this event is entirely about the music. It’s a listening room, free of distractions like clanking dishes or idle chatter, designed to make each performer feel like a rock star.

Held at the 500-seat venue of Genesis in the building that houses Alice Cooper’s The Rock, located at 13625 N. 32nd St., this weekly event kicks off with a lottery sign-up at 4:45 p.m. The music starts at 5:30 p.m., featuring a two-song rotation of performers. The cooperative makes an effort to include as many musicians as possible before the event wraps up at 9:30 p.m.

The Arizona Live Music Cooperative is a nonprofit organization with a goal to support and elevate the state’s live music scene. Its vision for the open mic nights is not only to provide a space for performers to share their talent, but also to ensure they sound and feel like true rock stars on stage. To facilitate this, the venue is equipped with professional sound and lighting systems, video equipment, and a full 88-key keyboard.
“We want everyone who steps on our stage to have that rock star moment,” says a representative from the cooperative. “This is a pure listening room. It’s all about the music.”

In an effort to extend the reach of these unique performances, each event is live streamed on the cooperative’s Facebook page. This feature allows those unable to attend in person to still enjoy the diverse talents of the Arizona music scene.

While there is no official cover charge for this event, the cooperative suggests a $5 donation. These contributions support the cooperative’s ongoing work in providing a superior space for local musicians to perform. However, this is simply a recommendation, not a requirement – the Arizona Live Music Cooperative insists that the main goal is to encourage community engagement with live music, irrespective of one’s ability to donate.

Whether you’re a musician or just someone who appreciates quality live music, this unique open mic night at Genesis offers an unparalleled listening experience. In this venue, the music takes center stage, offering performers and listeners alike an unforgettable night of passion and performance.