By Molly Cerreta Smith
Photos Courtesy of Timothy Fox Photography

Let the dining begin! The Arizona Restaurant Association’s most anticipated event of the season is almost here. The 2022 Spring Arizona Restaurant Week, 10 days of dining deliciousness, begins Friday, May 20 and runs through Sunday, May 29. During this event, diners can enjoy incredible deals and new creative menus at some of the hottest fine dining establishments in the state as well as at restaurants that remain among the Valley’s best hidden gems.

Spring Arizona Restaurant Week (ARW) offers specific three-course menus at participating restaurants throughout the state. During this time, many chefs take the opportunity to create specialty dishes that aren’t generally on their menu, using seasonal and hard-to-find or on-trend ingredients to provide guests with a truly memorable dining experience.

As the restaurant industry continues to navigate labor shortages, cost increases and limited supplies, the Arizona Restaurant Association added an additional price point last year to help offset the rising industry costs. The three price points still present the state’s dining community with the most delicious way to explore Arizona’s culinary scene for a great deal while allowing restaurants greater range to provide diners with an even more elevated dining experience.

The three price points on ARW menus are $33, $44 or $55 per person, and even per couple in some instances. Restaurants also may opt to feature wine pairings for each course at an additional cost. With the various price points and wine pairing options, there are many ways that diners can customize their ARW experiences to suit their preferences.

“Arizona Restaurant Week serves as a time to showcase the state’s culinary breadth and highlight the talent of chef-driven establishments while giving diners an opportunity to try new menus for a great deal,” says Arizona Restaurant Association President and CEO Steve Chucri. “With dine-in and take-out options and a variety of dining choices including high-end and independently owned best-kept secrets, we encourage diners to use Arizona Restaurant Week as an opportunity to support the industry while enjoying an incredible meal.”

The Arizona Restaurant Association (ARA) has been presenting Arizona Restaurant Week for more than 15 years. As an advocate for the hospitality industry, the ARA works diligently to support the industry and present opportunities to help promote the restaurants around the state that contribute vibrantly to the state’s economy as well as its diverse dining scene.

Since COVID-19 and the subsequent labor, food and supply shortages, rising prices and massive inflation, the restaurant industry has faced multiple challenges over the past few years. The ARA has responded quickly to each challenge, modifying Arizona Restaurant Week to provide take-out options at the height of restaurant dine-in closures and evolving the program again with additional price points to help restaurants continue to provide an incredible dining experience while recognizing the vast price hikes they are facing.

That’s why it’s more important than ever for the local dining community and the culinary curious to get out and support Arizona’s restaurants. And ARW provides an ideal opportunity to get a true taste of each restaurant at a significant discount.

“Throughout the pandemic, the state’s culinary community continued to show support in any way they could, even in modified ways,” says Chucri. “Our industry could not continue without the support of our loyal diners; we are so grateful for everyone that dines out and joins us during Arizona Restaurant Week.”

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