The Barrett Jackson Scottsdale auction, January 13 – 21, 2018, has the typical wide range of vehicles coming up for auction this year. But one not so typical car is the 2017 Ford GT that was donated by Arizona businessman Ron Pratte. This will be the first 2017 Ford GT that has been auctioned since this generation of Ford GT was introduced.

We believe this 2017 Ford GT will bring a hammer price between $3M-$4M this Saturday. Here’s why: It’s a charity auction. They’re not available for outright purchase or resale. And they are extremely rare. To sweeten the pot, Ford is also including a Ford Performance Racing School GT Experience with the sale of the Ford GT.

Saying this car is rare is an understatement. And not only is it rare, no one can just go order one from Ford. There are only 1,000 being made. In order to purchase one you had to submit an application along with a letter as to why Ford should select you as an owner. If you were selected to purchase the roughly $500,000 car, you also have to sign a legal agreement stating you will not resell the GT within 24 months of delivery (obviously charitable auctions do not fit in that category).

Pratte has generously donated the vehicle to the Evernham Family-Racing for a Reason Foundation, which will auction the supercar for charity on Super Saturday. Proceeds will benefit the Autism Society of North Carolina’s IGNITE program, which offers activities, skills training and educational workshops that address the social, financial, educational and employment needs of young adults with high-functioning autism or Asperger’s Syndrome.

You don’t have to spend big on vehicles at Barrett Jackson to enjoy it. It is literally one of the largest automotive lifestyle events in the U.S. with plenty to see, eat and experience. Super Saturday will be a energy-filled day with the crowds roaring over the most expensive cars of the week.

FAMILY, BUDGET-MINDED TIP: Pack up the kids and go this Sunday, Jan 21. The tickets are 1/3 the cost of Saturday and you won’t have to fight the crowds with the little ones in tow. They’ll love the experience as much as you do.

Purchase tickets online at the Barrett Jackson website.