By Al and Jean Batson

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Enjoy the treasures of this holiday

Q: If we go into an Open House, should we tell the host Realtor that we’re already committed to our Realtor?

A: Absolutely! In fact, once the Realtor establishes that you’re a Buyer, that is the FIRST question they should clarify. A good Realtor never interferes with that relationship.

We welcome every visitor – a Realtor never knows who will walk through the door or why. Are they just curious? Serious buyers? Committed to another Realtor? It’s our job to ascertain these things so we know how to help; or stay out of the way. Everyone who walks through is a potential resource as a buyer for the home; perhaps a friend or family member.

If the visitor is looking to buy (or sell), whether now a year from now, we ask what they’re looking for to be of assistance; and always ask, “Are you working with a Realtor?” If they are but seem to like the property, we answer their questions and invite them to come back with their Realtor. We very much respect the loyalty the visitor has shown to their Realtor – as we appreciate our clients’ loyalty to us.

The goal of an open house is to expose the property to potential buyers and find a qualified buyer – whether directly or through another agent. Obviously, the home won’t be a fit for every Buyer who walks through the door so if a visitor is looking for something different and is not already working with a Realtor, we are there to help meet their needs. Of course, if asked to provide information on values in the visitor’s neighborhood or area of interest, we’re happy to provide that – no obligation. That’s part of the service. We feel that real estate is primarily a service business. We’re here to put buyers and sellers together for a successful closing with trusted lenders, home inspection services, title/escrow officers and other services that might be needed along the way.

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