By Al and Jean Batson


Is my Realtor allowed to show any listing, or just those listed by their company?


This question comes up quite regularly so hopefully we can clear it up. A licensed real estate agent who is a member of a local real estate board is authorized to show all properties listed by any agent or brokerage.

So, when you go into an open house, see a sign on a property or find a property online that you’d like to see, always call your Realtor, if you have one, to request a showing of the homes you’d like to see.

If you’re working with a Realtor and you attend an open house, always tell the hosting Realtor that you’re already working with another agent and who they are. If they tell you that you must work only with them, that is not ethical. Most Realtors would never do that. They’re there to answer your questions but it makes it easier on the host realtor to know if you already have a Realtor. For example, when we have visitors in our open houses, we always ask if they are working with an agent, answer any questions they may have and if they have any interest in the property we’re hosting, we suggest they bring their Realtor back with them. That’s the proper way to do it – and we always appreciate it when visitors are up-front by letting us know they’re already working with the agent, they’re out looking for a home, they’re curious neighbors, or they’re not interested in moving now but were curious about the neighborhood. All are welcome, but it makes it easier on the Realtor to know where the visitor is coming from.

If you don’t have a Realtor and don’t feel quite comfortable with one you’ve met at an open house, ask your friends and family for a referral to someone they know, like and trust. That’s where most of our business comes from – people who know us.

If you have any questions you’d like answered, please email: [email protected]