Looking for a way to get kids involved in athletics? Gymnastics is an ideal introductory sport for a variety of reasons, many of which will set children up for personal, social and physical success. Kids as young as six months can start a gymnastics program and studios like Impact Gymnastics in North Phoenix have programs that benefit kids from infants to young adults.

Parents understand that keeping kids active today isn’t just about building muscles, being fit or training for the Olympics, it’s also about having fun. In addition to increased physical health, research shows youngsters who are more active have increased confidence, higher self-esteem, suffer less anxiety and stress, and develop better social skills.

“The benefits of getting kids involved in a gymnastics program from an early age are almost too many to count,” says Maria Lawrence, co-owner of Impact Gymnastics. “Here students learn hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, listening and instruction-following skills, and most importantly the value of being part of a tribe and community of like-minded, supportive people.”

While most kids master the ability to make friends in the classroom, there is an advantage to spending quality time with others who share similar interests outside of school or family events – like at the gym. Through the gymnastics community, kids strengthen communication skills, develop empathy and learn to socialize with people from all walks of life.

When searching for the right gym, make sure the business is led by skilled instructors who provide valuable guidance while encouraging students to focus, commit and work hard toward predetermined goals.
Impact Gymnastics is a private gym owned by two working moms who understand from personal experience that parents’ needs are under-served in most gymnastics facilities in Arizona. Impact Gymnastics provides classes that range from Olympic-level training to recreational gymnastics for all ages and skill levels.

They offer a variety of tumbling classes including tumbling for cheer and provide specialty programs like the Ninja Zone. Unique to Impact Gymnastics, the Ninja Zone is offered primarily to boys ages 3-11 and provides these guys with a creative way to channel their never-ending energy. Practicing the sport of ninja allows students to exercise the mind, builds character and cultivates discipline and confidence. Ninja Zone teaches kids how to reach goals and develop the techniques needed to face any challenge – inside or outside the gym.

For toddlers, gymnastic classes help develop listening skills, discipline and self-control. These are invaluable skills for kids as they prepare to enter school. When children learn discipline and self-control at an early age, they also gain the ability to work well with others and stay on task for extended periods of time since mastering a gymnastic move takes diligence, practice, and a never-give-up spirit.

Gymnastics helps participants of all ages develop coordination and cognitive skills. Learning and performing a gymnastic routine requires the left and right brains working in unison. Gymnastics is a weight-bearing activity that is beneficial to developing strong bones, which can reduce osteoporosis later in life and help prevent broken bones as children age and start playing contact sports. Taking part in gymnastics helps strengthen a child’s cardiovascular health and aids in increasing endurance.

“The American Heart Association recommends kids get 60 minutes of exercise each day,” says Samantha Baltierrez, co-owner of Impact Gymnastics. “Engaging in regular physical activity is important for people of all ages, but particularly for children since it builds positive habits that can last into adulthood. In Arizona, it’s a challenge to keep our kids active with 100 plus days of 100-degree weather. That’s why many parents introduce little ones to gymnastics. It’s indoors, the ratio of kids to teachers is very low and gymnastics offers the opportunity for safe social distancing. Gymnastics provides good building blocks for kids who may want to pursue other sports, too.”

For more information about offerings at Impact Gymnastics, or to schedule a tour, visit ImpactGymAZ.com or call 602-870-7574.