With the complexities of homelessness rooted deeply in our community, the city of Scottsdale seeks to make homelessness a non-recurring occurrence through extensive collaboration with local organizations. Striving for more comprehensive solutions, the city works with organizations like Phoenix Rescue Mission, Community Bridges, St Joseph The Worker, and ELAINE to connect those in need with resources and services.

Among these initiatives, the Brick by Brick program stands out. The initiative, managed by Phoenix Rescue Mission, employs individuals experiencing homelessness at $12 an hour to work on city sites. Scottsdale Works, the overarching program, provides an opportunity to engage with these individuals thrice weekly for five hours. The program has not only been instrumental in offering employment and a stable income to the homeless, but it has also created an environment of support and resource connection through the Street Outreach and Navigation case managers.

Most often, the work assignment is with Brick by Brick, but it could also take place with other city departments doing jobs like helping clean a local park, according to the Phoenix Rescue Mission. Alongside earning a wage, participants receive breakfast, lunch, and are linked with resources and aid.
Apart from Scottsdale Works, the city also collaborates with Community Bridges and New Faces for Day Relief Centers, providing a reprieve for those facing homelessness. St Joseph The Worker provides temporary shelter to employed individuals in need, whereas ELAINE connects them to crucial social determinants of health services.

For more information on the Scottsdale Works program and the Brick by Brick initiative, please contact Phoenix Rescue Mission at 602-339-2977 or email [email protected]. For additional information, visit scottsdaleaz.gov/citizen-service/homeless-in-scottsdale.