By Dr. Dylan Foster

Millions of people wish they could, they try hard, but get nowhere. Worse, yet, most gain it all back. Are you one of these millions of frustrated people ?

If so, you don’t have to be anymore!

We are taught and told time and time again that it is calorie out vs calorie in, or we just need to exercise more, or it is genetics, or we just need to take this magical pill. Unfortunately, there is very little truth to any of this.

Two out of three Americans are either overweight or obese!

Childhood obesity has nearly tripled since 1980!

One in five kids are now overweight by age 6!

Obesity has become an epidemic!

The reason I give you these scary statistics is because I need to prove a point. This obesity epidemic we are in is because almost everything we have been taught is pretty much all wrong. If there was any truth to what we are all hearing and learning then 65 percent of our country wouldn’t be overweight. Especially with access to all the weight loss products, fads, programs, supplements, gyms and so on.

I don’t need to tell you that being overweight is exhausting, stressful and frustrating, but what you do need to know is that being overweight bares many serious dangers. In fact, even the US Centers for disease control and prevention ranks obesity as the number one health related condition, above heart disease and cancers!

If you truly want to lose your belly fat once and for all, then you are going to have to forget almost everything you currently know about losing weight. It is not just about eating less, dieting or exercising more.

You need to know that being overweight is actually a huge sign of many potential health problems within your body. Such as: DIABETES, HEART DISEASE, ORGAN AND ENDOCRINE DYSFUNCTION, HORMONAL IMBALANCES and TOXIN OVERLOAD!

When someone is overweight, that is because of a sluggish metabolism. A sluggish metabolism is the first sign of a toxic, stressed body and damaged endocrine system.

Here are some causative factors you typically dont hear about:
Heavy Metals – we are exposed to an enormous amount of heavy metals and toxins in our world on a daily basis? Did you know that the body’s process to protect it’s organs from these heavy metals is to make more fat, for fat traps heavy metals and protects vital organs.

Antibiotics – used in the animal industry to fatten up livestock! We are also prescribed antibiotics. We also get lots of exposure through all forms of non-organic dairy and meat products that we eat.

Growth Hormones and Beta-Agonists – In meat and dairy products to fatten up livestock and is in allergy medications like Advair.

Endocrine Disruptors – like fire retardants (ie – carpet, furniture, beds), plastics, MANY foods, pesticides, receipt paper, our water supply, personal care products, toys and more are known to completely throw off our hormones!

Artificial Sweeteners – used in low calorie diet foods actually stimulate your appetite and your fat storage process.

Weight loss and belly fat reduction really isn’t that difficult to achieve if you know what to address and what you are doing. The problem is that most of what we hear, see and learn is from large corporations that profit very well from us through the choices that we make, that are causing us to be overweight, making them even more money.

To lose weight and keep it off you need to work on a functional wellness approach where you are addressing both the symptoms and the causative factors. Otherwise you will only waste your time, money and energy on what I like to refer as the “dreaded treadmill” effect in which you are doing everything in your power yet you are going nowhere fast. To achieve amazing, long term results you need to work with a holistic health care provider/coach that focuses on addressing all these underlying issues through a functional wellness approach.

Dr. Dylan Foster. Chiropractic Physician, Functional Wellness Director, Coach and Mentor.