The Core Knowledge Foundation has named Candeo Peoria a Core Knowledge School of Distinction. The top-ranked Arizona charter school is one of just ten schools across the country to earn this highly sought-after distinction. Core Knowledge refers to the school’s adopted curriculum taught to students in prekindergarten through eighth grade and puts knowledge at the heart of schooling. Schools that present this curriculum through a superior experience to students receive the distinction designation.

“When Candeo was founded 14 years ago, we knew that a quality, coherent, specific, and cumulative curriculum full of rich and essential content was necessary to provide a sure foundation of knowledge for every child,” says Dr. Stephanie Musser, founder and chief executive officer of Candeo Schools. “Core Knowledge is that curriculum, and we are proud of the work our students, teachers, and leaders accomplish through this remarkable program of education and are honored to have received the recognition for our work.”

This honor is awarded following a pronounced and extensive evaluation conducted by the Core Knowledge Foundation. From it, the foundation assesses levels of performance and fidelity of implementation across the entire program. They examine markers of a superior education experience, including instructional planning, design, and methodologies; professional development and collaboration; teacher evaluation and support; school and student engagement and outcomes; and school leadership.

“We were incredibly impressed with the attention to planning, quality of implementation, and level of support provided to students,” says Kristen Rodriguez, director of school engagement and special projects, and Christina Erland, director of school support, of the Core Knowledge Foundation. “We are proud to consider Candeo Schools Peoria as a prime example of the Core Knowledge approach.”