Helping residents and businesses that have been hit hard economically top the list of ways that the city council has approved more than $29 million in federal CARES Act funding be put to work in Scottsdale.

Programs and services for Scottsdale residents in-need will receive $3 million, which will be used to provide things like meals and services for seniors and low-income families, rent and utility assistance, and programs for individuals experiencing homelessness.

The council’s action also provides $5 million to support local businesses including loans, grants, commercial utility assistance, and expanded marketing campaigns to help Scottsdale businesses get back on their feet.

In addition to those programs, event venues like Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, Scottsdale Stadium and WestWorld, are among 30 city buildings that could receive health-friendly upgrades including automatic doors and faucets, ultraviolet disinfection of air handling systems and expanded technology systems for remote work. Facilities to be upgraded also include libraries, senior centers, community centers, and City Hall.

With the sudden decline in economic output during the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Congress introduced and passed the CARES Act. The act provides funding to state, local and tribal governments dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.

As part of the federal funding, Arizona cities and counties received about $441 million in COVID-19 relief fund, known as the AZCares Fund. City and county populations determined the specific amount each would receive. The city of Scottsdale received $29,628,014. The money will be appropriated based on two funding priorities: Community Investment and City Operations.

Community Investment
• Care for Vulnerable Citizens, $3 million: These include homeless, senior and low-income programs such as day relief centers, work training, food bank expansion, meal programs, Adopt-a-Senior and Adopt-a-Family.
• Residential Utility Assistance Program: $450,000
• Community Facilities Safety Upgrades, $3,110,000: Modify large public facilities, such as the libraries, Scottsdale Stadium and museums, to limit the spread of COVID-19.
• Arts and Culture Programs, $1,500,000: Assist 15 nonprofit arts and culture programs that have been and continue to be vulnerable as they are forced to allocate already limited costs.
• Public Health Communications, $100,000: Develop a comprehensive and sustained communications program to support healthy practices.
• Business Assistance Programs, $5,000,000: Several programs now exist; these funds will expand programs to help hard hit small businesses. These include grants, Shop Scottsdale campaign, business center, banner program, etc.

City Operations
• City Buildings Safety Retrofits, $2,220,000: Upgrade 14 city buildings that have a large number of employees and public engagement with technology and safety features. These include automatic doors, touch free fixtures, disinfection technology, etc.
• Telework/Technology Expenses, $871,232: These include enhanced cyber security, teleconference equipment, etc.
• Personal Protective Equipment, Sanitation, Cleaning, $1,340,000: Supplies and equipment for cleaning and sanitizing city facilities.
• Emergency Response, $2,200,000: Overtime for existing personnel, equipment, supplies and testing/monitoring.
• Future COVID-19 Resurgence Preparation, $2,000,000: Preparation and response for necessary overtime for existing personnel, supplies and testing/monitoring upon resurgence (if needed).
• Public Safety, $4,000,000: Funding for existing personnel and programs.
• Unallocated Funding, $3,836,782: Funding to be determined.

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