By It’s All Goodz Smoke and Vape Shop

You’ve heard of it, but do you know what it is? CBD stands for cannabidiol which is just one of over one hundred cannabinoids. CBD is non-psychotropic (i.e. it does not get you “high” or contribute to the euphoric, mind altering effect associated with THC that is found in marijuana).

There are two primary ‘types’ of CBD; isolate and full spectrum. The isolate is straight from the hemp plant. Isolate is the most common form, typically THC free and used to make tinctures, vapes, topicals and edibles. The full spectrum type will use all the plant has, will include THC and is typically cut with added oils so the THC content is below the legal limit, which is .03%

While the FDA does not approve CBD, many people have noted that CBD has a positive impact on reducing chronic pain and inflammation, epilepsy and other types of seizures, sleep disorders, insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression and several other conditions.
There are four main methods of delivery for CBD. The first one is a tincture, which you would hold under your tongue for approximately 90 seconds. This allows the CBD to go directly into the blood stream. The second method of delivery is vaping, which goes into the blood stream, however it is via the lungs. Next is topical, which allows one to treat a localized area that delivers into the blood stream via skin absorption. The last method of delivery is ingestion, which delivers the CBD via the digestive track (ex: edibles).

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