By William Cummer
CBD Educator, Arizona Natural Concepts (ANC) Dispensary

It’s true! CBD products might help our furry babies. Research continues to emerge finding that products derived from medical cannabis can provide positive benefits for our pets. So, when your Golden Retriever has a diagnosis of cancer, or your Shepherd has hip dysplasia, and your aging cat isn’t feeling purrfect, Cannabidiol (CBD) might just be what the doctor orders. And this treatment doesn’t stop at our house pets. Horses undergo a lot of mental and physical exertion on a daily basis, and there are many equestrians dealing with a wide range of issues, from inflammation, joint pain, cracked hooves, stall rest, anxiety, trailering problems, pain, digestive problems and many more. Horse owners are also looking to a natural and more effective way to help their beloved animals lead a better, more healthy life.

Veterinary clinics and Doctors familiar with the therapeutic properties of the herb and oils are sharing results of dosing practices for animals suffering from a variety of physical and neurological conditions. Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte of Australia’s The Healing Vet clinic consults pet owners that seek help for arthritis, tumors, appetite and other quality of life disablements effectively helping the animals improve under a schedule of supplementing CBD into diet and medicines. “Over the last 20 years I’ve developed a system of bodywork and healing for pets, horses (and people) called Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB)” says Bassingthwaighte.

Just like humans, all mammals have an endocannabinoid system, the receptor system that interacts with cannabinoids like CBD. The ECS is responsible for maintaining homeostasis within the body by regulating the communication between cells, and functions such as appetite, sleep, metabolism, and immune response. Pet owners have reported positive responses to other conditions like depression, pain, nausea, seizures and a multitude of ailments. CBD treatment helps to keep these systems in balance. This is precisely why pet owners have begun using commercial CBD-infused products for their furry loved ones.

Local Phoenix Arizona resident and pet owner Chef Teresa Hansen (appears on The List TV) suggests an easy weekly routine that has both her and her beloved Lola, the cocka-poo staying active and feeling whole. “I love Infusing Hemp CBD oil into dog treats for the week.” Chef says, “It helps reward your pawed partner with essential fats and cannabinoids that improve mobility, temperament and appetite!” amongst the list of beneficial health uses. “Ask for ingredients and try to get tested results if available.” Chef Hansen recommends finding CBD oils and Isolate Powders for cooking at licensed and tested dispensaries that focus on education and quality products.