By Sondra Barr
Photos courtesy of Jin Jia

Jin Jia, an upscale Chinese Korean fusion restaurant, is redefining the culinary landscape of the area. This latest venture, a brainchild of HL Concepts in collaboration with ALINE Architecture Concepts, is a celebration of Asian culinary artistry blended with modern elegance.

Step into Jin Jia and you’re immediately enveloped in an ambiance reminiscent of a Chinese lantern festival. The intricate play of light and shadow cast by lanterns in wood-framed boxes, coupled with the massive gold fortune cookie statue, sets a tone of luxurious modernity. This design, envisioned by ALINE’s principal, Brian Laubenthal, aims to infuse the space with a crafted design deeply rooted in Chinese culture.

The menu at Jin Jia is a sophisticated medley of Chinese and Korean flavors, brought to life by notable chefs, including Head Chef Hyung Jin Choi, a veteran of PF Changs and Pei Wei. Alongside him is HL Concepts founder and Executive Chef Hyunwook Lee, known for his work with Shinbay, NORI, and Sizzle Korean BBQ. Their goal is to create food that marries Korean, Japanese, and Asian cuisines.

Indeed, the culinary offerings are a blend of innovation and tradition. From the lobster fried rice with egg, scallion, and lobster tail, to the wagyu beef chow fun with tender Wagyu beef belly, to the tangy chili garlic fried chicken, each dish is prepared with taste and beautiful presentation in mind. Other standouts include the mango prawn and king crab egg drop soup, along with signature plates that include the indulgent seafood medley pot – lobster, diver scallop, prawn, king crab, calamari, vegetables, with house special leek oil-oyster sauce.

The restaurant layout, designed to offer an intimate dining experience, features a combination of bar seating, tables, and booths, interspersed by elegant metal curtains. It’s modern, yet somehow maintains a traditional Asian feel owning to the gold, red, white, and black color scheme.

Jin Jia, which opened its doors in late 2023 across from Barnes & Noble in Desert Ridge Marketplace, isn’t your stereotypical Chinese restaurant. It’s elegant, clean, modern, and likely pricier than you’re anticipating, but the payoff is a delicious dining experience for your taste buds and a sensory delight. It’s where traditional Chinese cooking meets Korean flavors, a blend that’s been simmering through generations.

What really sets Jin Jia apart is its attention to the finer points of dining. The staff gets it right, making sure every guest feels looked after without being overbearing. The drink selection here isn’t an afterthought either; each cocktail or beverage is on the menu to enhance your meal.

Jin Jia is open daily, offering lunch and dinner services, and is located at 21001 N. Tatum Blvd., Suite 40-1370. For more information, visit