The Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department is offering $3,000 in incentive pay for certified lifeguards.

The city of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department needs to hire pool managers, assistant managers, and hundreds of lifeguards ahead of the 2023 pool season to safely open as many of the city’s 29 public pools as possible. Eligible certified managers, assistant managers and lifeguards will receive $500 on the first paycheck, and the remaining $2,500 as a one-time payment at the end of the 2023 pool season.

To receive the pay, a person must become certified as a lifeguard, work the entire summer through Labor Day weekend, and finish in good standing.

Also, for the first time, the department is offering a new ‘Shallow Water Lifeguard’ position. Shallow-water lifeguards will guard four feet of water and under.

The $3,000 incentive pay reimburses individuals for the cost and time spent obtaining the lifeguard certification and, when combined with the base hourly rate of per position, increases the rate of the following positions to:
• Pool Managers: $20.91/hour + $3,000 incentive = $30/hour

• Assistant Pool Managers: $18.28/hour + $3,000 incentive = $27.65/hour

• Swim Lesson Instructor: $16.51/hour + $3,000 incentive = $25.88/hour

• Lifeguards: $15.72/hour + $3,000 incentive = $25.09/hour

• Shallow Water Lifeguard: $14.97/hour + $3,000 incentive = $24.34/hour

The department is also offering a $250 employee referral payment.

Certification classes have already begun and are available for registration at multiple locations through March. Lifeguards must complete the necessary training during the scheduled class times.

StarGuard Training for lifeguard certification is required to become a lifeguard with the city of Phoenix. Those interested in becoming a lifeguard should register for a certification class right away. Applicants must be at least 15 years old. To learn more about joining the Phoenix Aquatics team, visit