By Molly Cerreta Smith and Michelle Talsma Everson

Carolyn Berry, owner of Clean Colonic, has always been passionate about helping people. But it wasn’t until her own health issues and years of suffering that she turned to colonics for the answer to unlocking the mystery of her own health – leading her down the path to becoming a successful business owner today.

Berry is the proud owner of three Clean Colonic locations and has been in business five years. Her business locations can be found in Tempe, Phoenix/Scottsdale, and Fountain Hills. Prior to owning her own company, Berry, a competitive women’s doubles sand volleyball player, was a massage therapist for 15 years. She then took a corporate job managing spas in a fitness center for nearly eight years where she developed systems and helped grow the business.

After leaving that role, she wrote a book titled “I’m Happy. How Did I Get Here?” that included a program to lead people from chaos to happiness. And while happy, Berry was struggling with life-impacting health issues.

“I had a lot of food allergies and was allergic to almost all foods. For example, I ate cheese pizza once and had to go to the ER! In fact, I had to walk around with liquid Benadryl in case my stomach swelled up,” she recalls. “I also had a lot of problems with my uterus. I had cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, and was diagnosed with adenomyosis. My doctor recommended that I get a hysterectomy because I had been suffering with these issues for more than 20 years. Instead, I opted to look for other solutions.”
“A friend suggested that I get a colonic. Even though I didn’t think they were connected, I was desperate to find some relief,” Berry continues. “After seven sessions, the very next month I had no issues with my uterus – no cramps or pain. My stomach went down and, when I went back to the doctor, I had no more cysts and the adenomyosis was gone. Today, I have no more problems with my cycle. I also now have no food allergies and can eat anything. In fact, my favorite thing on the menu to try is truffle mac and cheese!”

Because of this amazing, life changing experience, Berry took a new career direction and became dedicated to helping people through colon hydrotherapy.

“I never thought I’d be in this business, let alone have three locations,” she says. “But it’s very satisfying to educate people on other ways to assist their body; not just for constipation and weight loss, but for other issues they may have. More and more research is coming out that everything starts in the gut — and I believe it.”

Berry opened her first location in Tempe because the California native was living in the area at the time. “I started with just one device in one room,” she says. But a short two years later, she was so busy that she made the decision to move into her own clinic, bought two more devices, and was then approached with an opportunity to open a Phoenix/Scottsdale location. “Two months later, and with three more devices, I opened our second location on Tatum and Thunderbird.”

The location in Fountain Hills soon followed, and she is now branching into working with the lymphatic system by offering lymph treatments with a frequency-based device called the Lymphstar. This new modality fits her “healing from the inside out” goal to a tee. She continues to help her clients discover the health benefits with this combination of treatment and colon hydrotherapy.

For people that are experiencing gastrointestinal issues, and even ones that aren’t, hydrotherapy is said to work wonders. “More and more people are realizing from word of mouth all the other aspects it can help with,” Berry says. “I get a lot of people who come in and have no issues; they just wanted to try it because they heard about it. They always are surprised at how much better they feel after. It is life changing.”

Weight loss is certainly one benefit because the body can hold onto quite a bit of waste in the large intestine. “That is simply toxic and unhealthy — it’s best to have it as clean as possible,” she adds. While the first several sessions generally serve to clear out contents, and clean the pockets and walls of the colon, the real benefit comes after about ten to 12 sessions, which Berry refers to as a “gut reset.”

Aiming to provide only the best services for her clients, Clean Colonic follows the manufacturer recommendations for cleanliness and the treatment protocol. “I use everything they recommend for cleaning, supplies, nozzles, etc.,” she says. “The device we use is registered with the FDA and is a class two medical device.”

Berry and her staff are highly trained to ensure each session provides a clean, sanitary, discreet, and comfortable experience for the client. Understanding that the process can sometimes feel daunting, she encourages people to view the short video on her website that walks potential clients through the process. She runs her business with the goal to provide the utmost privacy to each patient and ensure that they are always comfortable. Patients are in a private room and each session lasts about 45 minutes. A trained and certified colon hydrotherapist is always nearby to monitor the process and provide the patient with any assistance or anything they need to ensure their comfort.

For those that are squeamish about the idea of this type of service, there is no one that understands that more than Berry herself. “I didn’t want to do it myself,” she admits. However, once she tried it, she says, “It was life-changing for me. That’s why I am in this business. Everyone could benefit from a colonic.”

Berry aims to continue to grow and bring awareness to the community, while maintaining the integrity of colon hydrotherapy. “I want people to try it, even if they don’t have any gastrointestinal issues. And I’d love to be the clinic to help. You just don’t know what’s in there and it’s best to clean it out.”

At Clean Colonic, discretion, comfort, cleanliness, and safety are always at the forefront of the patient experience and client questions are always addressed prior to a session. For more about the details of the process, or to make an appointment, visit or call 602-920-2806. Clean Colonic’s nearest location is at 4744 E. Thunderbird Road, Suite 4, in Phoenix.