Clean Colonic has been in business since June 2016, with the first clinic in Tempe. The owner, Carolyn Berry, has a passion for colon hydrotherapy as she said it saved her life and has helped her with so many issues within her body. Due to high demand to expand her business, after having a successful clinic in Tempe, she decided to open her second clinic at Tatum and Thunderbird. 4744 E. Thunderbird Rd. Ste 4.

The devices used at Clean Colonic are Class 2 medical devices and are registered with the FDA with no odor. Carolyn found it important to help educate the public on cleanliness of a clinic, safe practices, and keeping the integrity of Colon Hydrotherapy. Clean Colonic follows the protocol of the manufacturer and all their staff is certified. These devices are open system named LIBBE (Lower Intestine Bottom Bowel Evacuation). Carolyn invites you to the clinic to explore and see the devices and hear why Carolyn recommends colon hydrotherapy to those who have gut issues or not. She has also created an online video that shows the process. You never know what’s in your colon, so give it a good cleanse!