By Howard J. Fleischmann Sr.

Have you ever wondered if an electric car is the right fit for you? Hybrid cars are gaining popularity in the U.S and while there are many benefits to purchasing a hybrid car – better for the environment, fewer emissions, good mileage, fuel efficiency – it’s also important to be an educated consumer when owning this type of vehicle.

Many hybrid car owners have been shocked to learn the cost of replacing a hybrid battery. Unlike a standard car battery which costs roughly $100 to replace, a hybrid battery can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $7,000 for a full replacement, depending on the make and model of the car.

While both of these items are called “batteries,” they do vastly different things. A regular auto battery is used to simply start a gasoline-powered vehicle. A hybrid battery is designed to actually power the vehicle’s electric motor when in motion at lower speeds. This technique puts less pressure on the gasoline engine, which allows the amount of fuel used to be reduced drastically.

In an effort to lead the industry in new technology and services, Community Tire Pros and Auto Repair, an auto repair and maintenance service shop with six Valley locations (including their location at 15812 N. 32nd St), recently joined forces with The Hybrid Shop, a growing international network of dealers committed to providing expert care for hybrid and electric vehicles.

After more than a year of specialty training, Community Tire Pros can now install hybrid batteries that are reconditioned in The Hybrid Shop’s California manufacturing facility. By using proprietary processes and technology, this green service can restore up to 95 percent of the battery pack’s original power and energy. This service will save customers thousands of dollars.

The Hybrid Shop’s battery pack conditioning is a patent-pending, science-based and technically-validated service that reaps tangible cost-savings, longevity, sustainability and performance benefits. The battery pack conditioning process can be repeated as often as necessary, providing a battery that could potentially outlive the car it powers.

Hybrid battery packs are getting better all the time. With preventative maintenance on the vehicle, consumers should expect at least eight years of motoring bliss before having to even consider a battery replacement. Up until that point, the maintenance cost and repairs on a hybrid car should be less than for a standard vehicle.
Providing hybrid repair services is the next step in Community Tire Pros and Auto Repair’s drive to become more environmentally sensitive. Years ago, the company began using earth-friendly products wherever possible. They use proper disposal methods for water, oils, and tires, to reduce landfill clutter. They focus on recycling and reducing the use of unnecessary paper products, use eco-friendly cleaning products, monitor water usage and have converted to energy-efficient lighting options.

Moving to be “greener” in the auto repair industry takes many baby steps, but the impact these small steps make can help save planet.

Howard J. Fleischmann is the owner Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair focused on keeping Arizona Drivers safe since 1945. He also sits on the Board of the Neighborhood Automotive Repair Professionals (NARPRO.)