By Jenna-Lee Neff

SCOTTSDALE NORTH IS KNOWN FOR ITS BEAUTIFUL VIEWS AND MAINTAINING A SMALL-TOWN FEEL AMID THE HUSTLE AND BUSTLE OF LIFE IN THE VALLEY. That said, many area insiders know that it’s often under acknowledged. To change that, one local real estate professional is keeping the community connected and thriving through a special initiative called Connecting Scottsdale North.

“Connecting Scottsdale North is a resource to create a sense of community and better connect the local residents to the area’s small businesses,” says creator and local real estate broker Scott Gaert- ner of The Scott Gaertner Group. He adds that the initiative also helps other Valley residents and out-of-state tourists understand more about the Scottsdale North community and what it offers.

Connecting Scottsdale North brings attention to local small businesses and organizations located in a stretch of Scottsdale that begins at Pinnacle Peak Road and extends roughly 15 miles north to the city border. The articles and video spotlights feature local businesses, nonprofits and other organizations
that foster relationships and benefit the community.

The initiative has already raised awareness for Foothills Caring Corps,
JJ’s Deli, Why Hello! Modern Home, Health Cellutions, and more. Aside from individuals features, the website also includes a small business directory, providing names and contact information for shopping, dining and services located in The Summit, Terravita Market Place, Pinnacle At Scottsdale Shopping Center, Village At Pinnacle Peak, Scottsdale North Shopping Center Desert Village Shopping Center, and La Mirada Shopping Center.

Gaertner, who has worked in North Scottsdale since 1989, says the area is commonly overlooked because of the large city size. This project allows businesses to get exposure in the local com- munity, increase their reach, and develop a sense of belonging.

“Once the business owners have a voice, they can use it to share what they do with community members,” Gaert-
ner says. “In turn, a local resident who always goes to the same spots may try something new and patron the featured business.”

Another effect of being in the “forgotten territory,” as Gaertner has previously described the area, is a lack of a cohesive area identity.

“Scottsdale is so incredibly long and narrow that it really needs distinctions, so people understand where things are,” he explains. “Old Town has become a good moniker for the southern section of Scottsdale. Now we need one for the northern.”

Gaertner loves the Scottsdale North area and has been part of the develop- ment teams for the Desert Mountain, Terravita, and Winfield communities. He continues to work on increasing aware- ness of the area he sees as a hidden gem and encourages locals to reach out with their suggestions on how they would like to see Connecting Scottsdale North cultivate opportunities in the community.

His next project is a local gift card program that will launch this spring and will be exclusive to the Scottsdale North area.

To find out more about Connecting Scottsdale North, or to nominate a local business or person, visit

Look for the latest updates, information, and feature announcements on Facebook @ConnectingScottsdaleNorth. The Facebook page is also linked to an interactive group that locals can find by searching for “Connecting Scottsdale North” in Facebook groups.