Building a thriving, connected community with a Sonoran Desert Lifestyle

By Scott Gaertner

We have spent the last 30 years helping real estate buyers recognize how special and unique the Scottsdale North lifestyle is, so we decided that it’s time to let the rest of the world in on Scottsdale’s hidden gem. Scottsdale North is a completely unique location in the Valley of the Sun. Some of that uniqueness is reflected in the area’s unusual commitment to maintaining the small-town feel. Even more is reflected in the devotion to the preservation of the amazing High Sonoran Desert vegetation, the mountain vistas, and dark skies that bring you a nighttime full of stars.

The Scottsdale North community actively works to ensure less congestion and promote the lifestyle activities that a large segment of the market is looking for: fitness, engagement, contribution, and connection. Many of the communities in Scottsdale North are intentionally designed to foster these attributes and lifestyles through their amenities. Residents in these areas can easily connect with other people in their neighborhood, just in the process of going about their day. This is a great feature of the individual Scottsdale North neighborhoods, but our goal is to help folks from different communities in Scottsdale North interact with each other, while at the same time educating the rest of the world about the beauty of the area’s lifestyle.

We came up with a three-part plan to help distinguish and celebrate the exceptional Scottsdale North lifestyle by identifying, sharing and connecting the best parts of this area. To successfully create that connection between residents and businesses, we decided to focus on three different types of communication that will promote interconnectedness: 1) the newspaper, 2) social media and website, and 3) live interaction with people.

Part 1: Our Local Newspaper
Having a local newspaper is a fantastic way to foster a strong sense of community. A year ago last January, we met with the owner of the best hyper-local newspaper company in the Valley, Natasha Beal of Eculeus Group Publishing. We encouraged her to start a paper centered around the Scottsdale North community. The goal of the paper was not only carry local content, but to help define and distinguish the area as a distinct entity.

The first edition of the Scottsdale North News newspaper hit the press in September 2018, bringing more than 19,000 households a world-class, hyper-local newspaper focused specifically on the Scottsdale North community. The paper features local business people, community events and activities, charitable organizations and fundraisers, and information on local schools. It also provides movie reviews, Arizona travel articles, City of Phoenix and City of Scottsdale updates, a Kids’ Corner, Real Estate information, and many more topics of interest to our community.

Part 2: Social Media and Our Website
We are excited to announce our new community Facebook group: Connecting Scottsdale North! The Connecting Scottsdale North group Facebook page and website are great resources for residents and businesses to find out what is happening in the community and connect with each other. Group members can sign up for our email list, like our page, and share information to learn more about planned events and activities in Scottsdale North. Social media platforms, like Facebook, are also a good way to interact with other people and businesses in our neighborhood.

We plan to use technology to help us to identify, showcase, and connect all of the brilliant aspects of this wonderful community and highlight those things that make this area so unique. Social media, email and our website are great ways for you to meet and become more familiar with some of the incredible local businesses that are the lifeblood of Scottsdale North. There are some incredible stories about the fantastic people who make up this community, and we want to take time to share those stories with you.

Part 3: Community Events: Meeting People Through Face-to-Face Interaction
In addition to the newspaper, social media and website, the Connecting Scottsdale North group is planning a variety of live community events. We are planning to host coffee talks, small business networking meetings, community safety programs, and “Buy Local” types of promotions and events to help bring local residents and business owners together in person to get to know each other better.

Knowing your neighbors and your neighborhood is one of the best ways to connect with each other and build a strong sense of community, so the Connecting Scottsdale North group is planning events and activities hosted in our neighborhood to help make that happen. One of the first events that the group is planning is a fundraiser for the soon-to-open Scottsdale North Pickleball Courts and Dog Park. Watch for announcements on the Facebook page, in the newspaper and on our website, so you can join your friends and neighbors to support a great cause for Scottsdale North.

Whether you love the fresh air and mountain views, outdoor activities like hiking, biking, golf, tennis or horseback riding, or just relish the quiet peace of the desert, Scottsdale North is the place you love to call home. We love it here, too, and we want to help you connect with your neighbors and local businesses, to keep our community strong and thriving, while continuing to commit to what we value most.

Ways to Be a Part of Connecting Scottsdale North:
• Sign Up for our monthly email newsletter
• Like our Facebook Page
• Continue reading Scottsdale North News
• Attend community coffee talks and local events
• Network with other local businesses
• Shop local and support our community

Help us connect with each other to keep our community healthy and maintain the Sonoran Desert lifestyle we love to call home.