The Arizona State Land Department Board of Appeals has given the green light to the $68.5 million appraisal for a portion of land in north Phoenix, setting the stage for the Arizona Coyotes’ potential acquisition bid.

The anticipated auction, slated for June, will likely see the team vying for ownership of this coveted parcel.

While the precise date of the land auction remains undisclosed, the Coyotes have already begun showcasing their aspirations through renderings unveiled on their app in March. The images, though subsequently removed, offered a glimpse into the ambitious project, featuring a futuristic-styled arena and an expansive entertainment district.
However, these plans hinge on the outcome of the state land auction. Until the Coyotes secure ownership of the land, further progress remains pending. Specific details regarding the renderings and the proposed development are currently under wraps.

The showcased renderings depict a state-of-the-art venue, showcasing potential suite designs and a sprawling, multi-level entertainment area. The envisioned district is earmarked for state land near the intersection of Loop 101 and Scottsdale Road, positioned near Desert Ridge Marketplace, Mayo Clinic, and the Fairmont Princess Scottsdale.

For the Arizona Coyotes, this endeavor marks a pivotal stride towards establishing a permanent home, following years of transient arrangements since the team’s former owner’s bankruptcy in 2009. With the approval of the land appraisal and the impending auction, the Coyotes are edging closer to realizing their aspiration for a stable foundation in the Valley.

The forthcoming land auction, approved by the Arizona State Land Department, holds promise for the Coyotes’ quest to erect a hockey arena within Phoenix. Following the rejection of the team’s proposal for a $2 billion arena and entertainment precinct in Tempe last year, the focus has shifted towards securing land near the Loop 101 freeway and Scottsdale Road.