By Allison Barnett

Our North 32nd community began to transform about seven years ago. As a new resident of Phoenix and North 32nd at the time, I attended a community meeting to discuss a proposed apartment building, now View 32, and learned about the greater plan to help this area come to life again.

A ULI tap study was conducted at the time to determine ways in which we could better utilize the various commercial areas along North 32nd. Some of these areas were determined to be better used as schools, senior living, more housing, etc. This plan was not meant to be an overnight plan, rather it was meant to give some guidelines over the long-term plan to create a better and more vibrant North 32nd.

While we undoubtedly recognize that there are still areas within our community that need our attention, we are grateful for the progress that has been made in a relatively short time. We delight when businesses choose to open here and even more when they choose to grow within our community.

This past August, we held the first community meeting, which you may view on our Facebook page. Annually we will host a meeting like this where key departments within the city give updates about what we will continue to see in our community.

In addition, we plan to host monthly community meetings starting this month focusing on a variety of topics to ensure that we continue to build a vibrant North 32nd community. The meeting will be held on the third Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m.; the first meeting will be October 15 at 6:30 p.m. We plan to keep it to approximately 30 minutes with one topic of focus each month. The meeting will be online as well as recorded to ensure that you may view it at your convenience. For updates on the meeting, please visit our Facebook events page.

If you have an idea for a meeting topic, please add it to the list in the Facebook community group or send an email to [email protected].
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Allison Barnett is an ambassador for North 32nd, which is bringing revitalization of the community through strategic partnerships with the City of Phoenix as well as local businesses. She is also a licensed Associate Real Estate Broker.