By Sondra Barr

The Mighty Axe is cutting through the entertainment scene with a unique blend of sport and socializing. Located on High Street, this venue is not your typical axe-throwing establishment. Behind its doors is a realm brimming with fun, a concept brought to life by Ryan Bradley, who left corporate America to become an entertainment pioneer.

Leaving a career in biotech behind, Bradley sought to create something that wasn’t just a business but a hub for community and friendly competition. “I worked in biotech and decided I wanted to do something fun,” Bradley says. “Axe throwing has grown over the last five years exponentially. There are championships that have been televised on ESPN. It’s about creating an atmosphere and environment where people can create memories, laugh, compete, and just get together and have fun.”

Bradley’s journey into the world of entertainment began with an escape room in California. Networking within the industry led him to the burgeoning trend of axe-throwing, a concept that would eventually become The Mighty Axe. With two locations in Thousand Oaks and Oxnard, in California, Bradley’s vision was clear: to elevate the game beyond its humble origins into a sophisticated, engaging experience.

The Valley location opened in December and has been a hit from the start, thanks to a strong community and a vibrant atmosphere curated by General Manager Jamie Mather, whose background in rock and roll and cocktail bars adds a unique flair to the venue. Mather’s expertise in the beverage industry shines through in the carefully selected local brews and the inventive craft cocktail menu, ensuring that The Mighty Axe offers not just exhilarating axe-throwing experiences but also a top-tier beverage program.

What sets The Mighty Axe apart is not just its mountain modern atmosphere, complete with a fireplace, taxidermy, and a high-end bar, but its commitment to innovation. Bradley and his team have developed software that transforms the axe-throwing experience with a multitude of projections to aim for.

“You’re not just throwing at a target with circles on it. You can throw at goblins, a picture of your friend, or engage in a dating game where popping a heart asks a question of your friend,” explains Bradley.

The Mighty Axe also has axe-throwing leagues. With 20 participants in their inaugural league, participants competed to sharpen their skills and enjoy a competitive atmosphere.

Safety is paramount at The Mighty Axe. With over three years of operation and not a single injury, the establishment prides itself on its safety record. “Axeperts,” or axe-throwing coaches, ensure that guests learn the correct and safe way to throw, making the sport accessible to all.

The venue specializes in events ranging from corporate team building to birthday parties, offering a private VIP room for an enhanced experience.

“We’ve designed an exclusive private VIP room that accommodates around 20 guests, where you can tailor the ambiance with your own choice of music and TV shows. Furthermore, we offer the flexibility to adapt large sections of our space for corporate events and team building, which has become immensely popular,” says Bradley. The corporate team-building events typically culminate in a thrilling bracketed tournament, pitting two employees against each other in a friendly competition, with their colleagues rallying around them during the final match.

As The Mighty Axe continues to thrive, Bradley reflects on the journey: “It’s a fun alternative to things like bowling or the movies. We’ve created something where people can come, have a great time, and leave with memories.”

The Mighty Axe is located on High Street, near Desert Ridge, at 5410 E. High St., Suite 102, in Phoenix. For more information, visit