A new modern healing center, Quasar Quantum Healing, has launched in Scottsdale, offering cutting-edge, non-invasive, therapeutic modalities, teamed with yoga, grounding, meditation, and nutritional guidance. An alternative to conventional methods, the facility is designed to transform the body, mind, and spirit at a cellular level to optimize mental, emotional, and physical health.

Quasar Quantum Healing targets the underlying causes of issues that are interrupting the natural state of health and well being, then employs customized treatments to restore overall wellness. Unlike conventional therapies, the treatments are designed to rebalance the body by rewiring neural pathways, promoting healing, and allowing healthier behaviors and habits to arise naturally, for lasting change.

The healing center was founded by Monica B. Samuels, whose mission it is to heal others using tested and true methods that bring out the body’s natural defenses and avoid use of pharmaceuticals. The process, which utilizes both advanced technology and time-tested holistic methods, is Quasar Quantum Healing. Her discovery of this process empowered her to launch her daughter’s journey toward healing.

“After witnessing the power of alternative healing practices during my daughter’s journey to wellness, I was inspired to make these therapies available to the public,” Samuels shares. “We cannot underestimate the importance of our mental and physical health. I believe that we are what we think. All that we are arises from our thoughts, and with our thoughts, we make the world.”

Quasar Quantum Healing benefits those dealing with a variety of physical, mental, and emotional issues, including: fatigue, joint pain, sports injuries, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and traumatic brain injuries. The facility currently offers multiple treatment plans that combine modern technology with holistic therapies.

The center is home to the only walk-in, group friendly hyperbaric chamber in Arizona. Other cutting-edge modalities include the Theta Chamber, Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS), LED Light Bed Therapy, wellness IV drips, Quantum Foot Detox, AO Scan, Salt Therapy within a one-of-a-kind Himalayan Salt Chamber, and mobility training. Quasar Quantum Healing also hosts ongoing classes including Buti Yoga, Sound Journey, Soul Sunday Yoga, and Vinyasa Yoga.

Treatments are by appointment only and can be booked individually or in packages and membership bundles. To learn more about Quasar Quantum Healing, visit quasarquantumhealing.com. Quasar Quantum Healing is located at 14809 N 73rd St., Suite 101, just below Scottsdale Quarter at the Scottsdale Airpark.