Q. What are the benefits of adults taking dance classes?
Adult classes are a lot of fun and help keep an active body. With the many ranges of motions, you are able to improve your flexibility and reduce stiffness. You are also challenging your brain to remember something new, which is great for your memory. Dance also allows for expression of emotion and serves as a stress reliever…and who couldn’t use that?!

Q. Can people with disabilities take a class?
Absolutely! We encourage it because of the many benefits with auditory and visual senses. We find that it helps to build confidence because of the additional outlet to express emotion. The imagination and creativity are being encouraged through the art of dance.

Q. Is there an age limit for learning dance?
The beautiful thing about dance is that there are no age limits! The benefits of dance can be beneficial to all age groups from proper posture, staying fit and improving flexibility. There is always a learning curve but once you get past that, it can be so much fun.

Q. Can my child skip learning ballet before taking other dance classes?
It is not required to take ballet before taking any style of dance. Although we do recommend it, because it teaches fundamentals and technique which can be used in every style of dance. We promote avoiding injury and ballet helps that.

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