Photos courtesy of Desert Dance Theatre

Dance aficionados are in for a treat this September as the illustrious Desert Dance Theatre, a jewel in Arizona’s contemporary dance crown, hosts the much-anticipated Arizona Dance Festival. Founded in 1979, the Desert Dance Theatre stands as a testament to the expansive range of dance, from classical to comical, abstract to theatrical, setting the stage for dance enthusiasts and novices alike.

Scheduled for September 22 and 23 at 7:30 p.m., and held at Desert Dance Theatre, 700 W. Rio Salado Pkwy, in Tempe, the festival promises a kaleidoscope of dance styles that capture the essence of Arizona’s diverse and vibrant dance community. With ticket prices ranging from $13 to $20, attendees can anticipate performances from 20 to 30 esteemed dance artists, companies, and groundbreaking dance filmmakers. From the classical elegance of ballet to the dynamic beats of hip-hop, and the contemporary artistry to the captivating rhythm of cultural dances, the festival epitomizes the rich dance tapestry that Arizona boasts.

More than just a visual spectacle, the Arizona Dance Festival is a holistic experience. It champions the power of dialogue, bridging the gap between the artists and the audience. Every performance will be followed by an enlightening “Q & A” session facilitated by the Arizona Dance Coalition. This unique addition offers festivalgoers a chance to dive deep into the creative psyche of artistic directors and choreographers, understanding the inspiration and passion behind each mesmerizing piece.

The Desert Dance Theatre, with its seasoned performers, choreographers, and educators, has been at the forefront of promoting dance’s diverse beauty. Beyond their impressive performances, the company offers a myriad of programs to schools and communities, ranging from master classes, lecture demonstrations, to full-blown performances.

As the festival draws near, dance enthusiasts and curious newcomers are encouraged to grab their tickets and immerse themselves in this captivating celebration. Witness the culmination of passion, artistry, and tradition, and let Arizona’s dance community sweep you off your feet.

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