Photo Courtesy of Desert Foothills Leadership Academy

The Holland Center and Carefree Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce next Desert Foothills Leadership Academy (DFLA) Class will commence on Thurs., Jan. 12, 2023.

“After a very successful 2022 Class of 17 participants, we are excited to welcome Class III,” says The Holland Center’s Executive Director Jennifer Rosvall. “The feedback and reviews from our previous class supported our mission to educate, energize, and engage emerging leaders with a goal of enriching community life while responsibly sustaining our natural resources for generations to come. All of this is done through a focus on strengthening participants’ understanding of the past, current, and future potential of the Sonoran Desert Foothills.”
Class III for the 2023 Academy will take place over a 10-month period and include both on-site and “classroom” training incorporating subject matter expert presentations, on-site tours, panel discussions, and hands-on training. Areas to be covered include health care, tourism, technology, sustainability, innovation, education, land usage/growth, social services, arts, local issues, transportation, Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG), leadership training/styles, and public safety. Participants of the 2022 class recently graduated in October. When asked about the content, one of them shared: “I learn something new in each session” and that the content was “extremely timely and relevant” and the overall academy program experience was “professional, enlightening, informative.” When asked about the onsite tours that provide a behind-the-scenes look at local institutions, another 2022 class graduate exclaimed that the “Field trips are instrumental to learning.”
Desert Foothills Leadership Academy looks forward to welcoming applicants for the next class, encouraging those who are seeking connections, confidence, and knowledge to become effective and inspired community leaders to apply. For additional information or to apply for DFLA Class III, please visit