In an exciting leap into the future of interactive learning, PVSchool’s Desert Shadows Elementary School proudly becomes the only school in the greater Phoenix area to unveil the Lü Interactive System. This exclusive feature, generously gifted by the school’s PTA, sets Desert Shadows apart, joining an elite trio of Arizona schools equipped with this advanced educational marvel.

The Lü System, an immersive multisensory tool, uses cutting-edge movement detection cameras to project vibrant, child-friendly visuals onto walls. This interactive approach revolutionizes the learning experience, requiring students to respond to these projections—either by playfully throwing balls or offering a high-five. As the system processes movements in real-time, students receive immediate feedback, encouraging swift physical movement, sharp cognitive responses, and collaborative teamwork.

Beyond the sheer fun, the Lü System offers a diverse range of lessons that span the school’s curriculum. Students could be dancing along with a virtual dance troupe, mastering coordination, and directions. In another scenario, they might find themselves engaged in a dynamic game of ‘The Wall’, using Lü dodgeballs to virtually demolish a brick wall.

And while Coach Richard Shannon currently employs the system for his physical education classes, its potential extends far beyond the gym. Imagine a spelling lesson where children physically reach out to letters, forming words. Envision math enthusiasts throwing balls to pinpoint the correct answer to arithmetic problems or young historians sailing Viking ships across a virtual sea. The Lü system’s versatility accentuates Desert Shadows’ commitment to STEAM, pushing boundaries in technological education.

But what do the real critics—the students—think?

“It’s really fun, and you get a good workout at the same time,” voiced sixth graders Lucy and Jaxx. Lennon and Julia, fourth-grade enthusiasts, appreciate the interactive nature of the tool. “Everyone is cheering you on,” Julia added, emphasizing the system’s unique ability to foster teamwork.

“From a P.E. perspective, getting kids that generally aren’t a fan of P.E. more engaged is a win. The kids are always fully engaged, and they love it, and it’s challenging,” says Coach Shannon. “P.E. is everyone’s favorite subject now.”

Desert Shadows Elementary is located at 5902 E. Sweetwater Rd.

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