Arizona taxpayers considering donations to qualifying nonprofit organizations for Arizona tax credits on their 2019 income tax returns must still make those contributions by April 15 even with the U.S. Department of Treasury decision to extend filing deadlines to July 15 for Arizona and federal returns.

Qualifying charitable organizations include 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, foster care organizations public schools and certified school tuition organizations.

“Nonprofits in Arizona are facing severe financial challenges and if, by making direct donations, they can benefit at the same time that Arizona taxpayer’s benefit, it’s a win-win,” said Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits Chief Executive Officer Kristen Merrifield.

This week, the Alliance released results of a survey of Arizona nonprofit organizations showing that nearly 90% of the 425 respondents have been or expect to be significantly impacted by the spread of COVID-19 or coronavirus with the total loss of reported revenue at $36 million as of March 24.

Merrifield said that additional steps have been taken to provide expanded support through the upcoming Arizona Gives Day 24-hour online fundraising campaign, a collaboration with Arizona Grantmakers Forum and presented by FirstBank, on April 7, including:
• An Emergency Relief Fund giving donors the option to increase donations as an add-on at check out or through direct donation at All funds will be distributed equally among participating nonprofits.
• Re-opening registration to allow organizations that had to cancel fundraisers, programs and other events that originally chose not to participate to be able to benefit from the fundraiser. The new registration deadline is March 27: and
• A group of donors has provided separate funding enabling the Alliance to waive payment-processing fees normally paid by nonprofits participating in Arizona Gives Day, allowing more funds to go directly to the nonprofits.

For more information about the Nonprofit Emergency Relief Fund, visit For more information about the Arizona Gives Day, visit