Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit has provided low-cost surgeries and preventative care to pet owners by way of mobile units throughout the Valley since 2016. The company has been servicing the Peoria area as part of that model for years, offering convenient, affordable care to pet owners several times a week in the parking lots of pet partner locations. Recently, Dr. Kelly’s made its presence in Peoria permanent by opening a brick-and-mortar location off the Loop 101 and Olive Avenue.

“As our client base grew and the need for affordable pet care pulled us to the Peoria area more often, we saw an opportunity to help the community with a permanent location. We really let our clients’ needs dictate the locations we serve,” says Doug Patriquin, Co-Owner of Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit.

Because Dr. Kelly’s specializes predominantly in surgical care and solutions, the business can create cost efficiencies for procedures like dental care, spay and neuter, mass removals, and more.

“We pass that savings on to each client because we believe in transparent pricing and will provide our clients with a free estimate from their home, so they know what the service is likely to cost before they take the time out of their busy day to visit us,” says Patriquin.

Affordable, convenient pet care is needed everywhere. Many community members find themselves making tough choices about finances and pet care is no exception. Animals are family members and bringing trusted care to Peoria allows Dr. Kelly’s to provide pet parents with the services they need without having to make the tremendous financial sacrifice required by many traditional vet offices.

“Our services typically cost anywhere between a third or half the price of our competitors. We’ve been fortunate enough to help over 150,000 pets since 2016,” Patriquin says.

There is a huge need for affordable pet care and Dr. Kelly’s business model was built to provide concerned parents a trusted place to get care for their animals. The staff and veterinarians pride themselves on providing top notch care at an affordable price.

“I became a veterinarian to help pets. It’s what I love. Having worked for and opened several traditional, full-service clinics, I’m proud to be able to give pets the care they need while doing what I love most, which is surgery,” says Dr. Kelly Patriquin, DVM, Medical Director of Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit.

Dr. Kelly’s Surgical Unit is located at 8914 N. 91st Avenue, Unit 100A, in Peoria. Visit drkellysvet.com or call 602-909-5383 for more information.