Photos courtesy of Duet

The anticipated Fall Family Caregiver Virtual Symposium, hosted by Duet, is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 18, from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The event, which aims to offer invaluable insights and guidance to family caregivers, will be graced by two distinguished speakers: Dr. Aaron Blight, renowned consultant on caregiving, aging, and healthcare; and Dr. Robert J. Wicks, Professor Emeritus at Loyola University, and a prolific author.

This virtual symposium, available to everyone, offers complimentary participation to family caregivers. Professionals can attend for a nominal fee of $15. The interactive session will focus on the significance of resilience, self-care, and harmonizing psychological insights with timeless spiritual wisdom. The event’s major sponsors include Acadia and CopperPoint Insurance Companies, while Jayme West from KTAR will assume the moderator’s role. A segment during the symposium will facilitate audience questions to both Dr. Blight and Dr. Wicks.
“This is a truly wonderful event for any family caregiver or health care professional,” says Ann Wheat, CEO of Duet: Partners in Health & Aging. “Dr. Blight was an absolute hit last year and due to popular demand, we’re thrilled to have him back. We know our guests will also enjoy hearing from Dr. Wicks. He’s very well known in our industry and is sure to provide some insightful discussions.”

Dr. Aaron Blight’s presentation, titled “How Caregivers Learn: A Pattern of Role Development,” will delve into the adaptive nature of caregivers. He’ll elucidate on enhancing caregiving capabilities in the face of their loved ones’ evolving needs. On the other hand, Dr. Robert Wicks will address the theme “Recognizing, Preventing, and Limiting the Dangers of Secondary Stress.” His discourse will intersect resilience, self-care, and the amalgamation of psychology with enduring spiritual methodologies, underscoring the importance of maintaining a balanced perspective amidst caregiving challenges.

Recognizing the commitment of caregivers, Duet, in collaboration with the Arizona Caregiver Coalition, offers respite care reimbursements. These are accessible to Arizona residents on a first-come, first-served basis. Those interested in this provision can reach out to Deanne Poulos at 602-274-5022, ext. 115, or email [email protected] for eligibility criteria.

To be a part of this enlightening event, registrations are now open at