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Outdoor kitchens are luxurious and rewarding additions for any backyard patio. Of course, you cannot just snap your fingers and manifest all this stuff from nowhere. Anyone interested in having his or her own outdoor kitchen must plan out as much of the layout as possible.

Location, Location, Location
If you want to install an entire second kitchen on your property, then you better have enough space for everything. You must also choose the best spot for all your appliances. Many enthusiasts choose to have it flow with the indoor kitchen. On either side of that window, you can see something cooking. The decision may come down to the current location of your sources for water and power.

Separate the Zones
Every professional kitchen is divided into zones. These distinct areas are reserved for specific activities, and appliances are installed accordingly. Restaurants do this for the convenience of chefs. Even if you want an outdoor kitchen for your own reasons, using this principle for the layout can come in handy.

Pre-made or Custom?
Speaking of layouts, there are two choices for purchasing backyard food preparation equipment. You could order complete BBQ islands and all-in-one outdoor kitchen sets. These bundles contain multiple appliances and structures for a single price. They may also come with a specific layout. Options may include linear designs, L-shaped layouts, and more.

Install Proper Ventilation
Your cooking equipment will produce smoke, gas, and smells when you use it. If they build up without any release, they could damage the appliances. Worse, they could ignite and cause a disaster. Vent hoods and panels redirect the smoke away from your food, your guests, and yourself. In the event of a leak, they could also minimize the risk by giving it all somewhere to go.

Leave Room for Storage
Chefs need plenty of tools at their disposal. They need spatulas for flipping, tongs for grabbing, and meat forks for poking. They need thermometers for checking if raw meats are thoroughly cooked. Cleaning the BBQ requires its own set of instruments. Outdoor kitchens should give people enough cabinets to hold all these tools and any others they may use.

Account for the Weather
Any appliances you put outside your home should be labeled “rated for outdoor use.” This type of equipment is made from hardy materials and designed with certain protective features. For example, outdoor refrigerators can keep their contents cool even on hot days. They also do not rust or lose their color, and many often take up little space in a potentially crowded kitchen space.

Get Appliances You Will Actually Use
Speaking of choosing appliances, there are many different machines that you could install in your outdoor kitchen. Your BBQ island could burgeon into a sprawling professional-grade space for preparing all kinds of food. It all depends on what dishes you want to make. Of course, it also depends on what you can afford. Each new appliance comes at a hefty cost.

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