By PVSchools

After a long work day, most parents look forward to the after-school conversation they may have with their child. Here are a few tips to encourage your child to open up and talk about the school day.

Share information about your day
By talking with your child about your day, your child may be more open about sharing details about his or her day at school. Start with the projects you’re working on, the meeting you had or a funny story that happened.

Use open-ended questions
Use the opportunity you have with your child to have a conversation about the day. The last thing you want is to have your child reply with short yes or no answers. Ask specific questions such as “What did you learn in art class today?” rather than “How was your day?”

Ask questions about your child’s friends
To get your child to talk about his or her day, start the conversation with a question about one of your child’s friends.

Share stories about when you were in school
Share about when you were in school with your child. Believe it or not, children love to hear about when their parents were children.

Change the questions
Instead of asking “How was your day?” try asking one of the following questions:
• What did you learn about in science class today?
• Who’s the funniest kid in your class? • What did he or she do today that was so funny?
• Who do you sit next to at lunch?
• What’s your favorite equipment on the playground?
• What are the types of sports or hobbies your friends do during the weekends? Are you interested in these sports or hobbies?
• Which subject do you like best?
• Which subject do you like least?
• Why did you choose that library book?
• Are there any upcoming tests or projects you’re nervous about?

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