Young aspiring journalists, EG Publishing, the company behind “The Kyrene Times,” has unveiled the Epic Kids Reporters Program. This innovative initiative is designed to nurture and showcase the talents of young writers, providing a unique opportunity for kids to learn about journalism and news publishing.

“Epic Kids,” known for its dynamic and fun-filled content, has been a staple in the local community, highlighting the achievements and stories of area kids and their families for years. The magazine’s blend of family-friendly news, events, and activities, packaged in an appealing format, has captured the imaginations of its young readers. Distributed directly into the backpacks of charter and private school students in kindergarten through eighth grade, and available in local racks frequented by families, “Epic Kids” has become a beloved part of the community.

The Epic Kids Reporters Program extends this opportunity, inviting young minds to contribute their perspectives on various topics throughout the school year, including news, current events, sports, entertainment, school clubs, and profiles. By covering issues that resonate with them and their peers, these young reporters gain hands-on experience in journalism, while getting their work published in both the print and digital editions of “Epic Kids.”

Participation in the program is about having fun and exploring a potential interest in journalism and offers tangible benefits for the young participants. The articles produced by these young journalists serve as valuable additions to their portfolios, potentially aiding them in securing scholarships and future educational opportunities.

The program is entirely virtual, conducted over phone and email, making it accessible and convenient for busy families. This format ensures that the program is flexible and can be balanced with other responsibilities and activities.

To be eligible for this free program, interested students must be between the ages of 8 to 16 and have parental approval.

Getting started is simple: just email [email protected].