By Molly Cerreta Smith

You’ve heard about the Rage Rooms and Axe Throwing, but there is now a more artistic (yet just as therapeutic!) way to express some emotion (and get a cool art piece out of it!) at Craft Nights by the Hippie Hobby located at 3241 E. Shea Boulevard. The new Splatter! area is now open and offering people a creative and fun way to get out some emotions through art therapy.

Craft Nights’ Splatter! area provides guests a unique opportunity to release some emotions (whether sad or angry or happy and joyful!) while having a fun date, girls night out or family hour. Inspired by the art of Jackson Pollock, considered to be the father of splatter paint art and a standout in the abstract impressionist movement, the owners of Craft Nights are excited to introduce a new way for people to interact with art while expressing an emotion and allowing for some therapeutic “paint throwing.”
“You can’t be sad while throwing paint – if you are angry, get it out with paint,” says Heidi Koffman, co-owner of Craft Nights with business partner and friend, Jennifer Racer. “This is a way for people to work through emotions and them leave them on the wall… or the canvas.” Koffman notes they wanted to introduce an experience that lets people be expressive and creative while also just getting out and having a fun time. The co-owners hope to soon offer Saturday sessions for kids as well as kids’ Splatter! parties.

It’s also just a fun way to be artistic… even if you don’t think you have an artistic talent. Each Splatter! session is about one hour long, including dressing/undressing (booties, smocks, scrub pants, goggles and hair nets are provided) as well as canvas prep time. Supplies are provided for splatter artists to create negative space and additional decals are available for purchase. Then the experience allows for about 30 minutes in the actual Splatter! area throwing paint. After or before, guests are welcome to enjoy their own bottle of wine (Craft Nights is BYOB) and purchase snack boxes (including olives, hummus chocolates, etc.) for a light bite. Nearby restaurants to complete the date night experience include Michelina’s, Lovecraft or 32 Shea. Cost starts at $49 for two and $89 for a group of four. For reservations, visit