Cancer Response Team, Inc. is a local Phoenix nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering families in Arizona with alternative pediatric cancer treatment awareness, and providing financial assistance to those families who choose alternative/integrative options alongside conventional medicine.

We launched this non-profit organization to support the families of children facing a cancer diagnosis. Evidence based treatments combined with complementary therapies can reduce side effects and improve effectiveness; ultimately improving quality of life and prognosis. Unfortunately, some complementary therapies and treatments are often not covered by traditional insurance policies.

“Cancer Response Team (CRT) is here to empower, educate and be a resource for Arizona families and assist financially” said Jacki Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer and Board Member.

Why CRT Was Started
Stefan Moore, CRT’s Founder, had the heartbreaking agony of losing his precious 13 year old daughter, Ashley, to brain cancer. When she was first diagnosed they were shocked, felt helpless and like most parents trusted her doctors to cure her disease. Ashley went through the traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments and standard protocol.

By the time her parents were able to fully educate themselves on alternative and integrative options, chemotherapy and radiation had done such harm and the cancer had spread. Leaving them to question “WHY” these options aren’t made available as an initial treatment plan. So as a promise to Ashley before she passed, Stefan started CRT.

“We firmly believe that every individual should have choices and options when forced to face the crisis of a cancer diagnosis of a loved one” said Stefan.

CRT pledges to provide needed financial assistance to support families in whatever treatment options they wish to pursue which is done through donations, corporate sponsorships and matching programs. Alongside financial assistance, CRT also visits Phoenix Children’s Hospital a few times a year with blankets and special characters to bring even a little bit of joy.

CRT is looking to the Phoenix community for volunteers and donations and would greatly appreciate any considerations for grants, state tax donations and community event participation. Follow Cancer Response Team on Facebook and Instagram or visit for more information. Contact jwilson@cancerreponseteam to volunteer or donate. Help CRT make a difference in our community and with families who need it.

Cancer Response Team, Inc.
20235 N. Cave Creek Road
P.O. 104-184
Phoenix, AZ 85024