Fender Musical Instruments Corp., one of the world’s leading guitar brands, is set to make a significant move by relocating its corporate co-headquarters from Scottsdale to a state-of-the-art build-to-suit office campus at the former Paradise Valley Mall in Phoenix. This move not only marks a major shift for the iconic company but also promises to bring a welcome jobs boost to the Phoenix area.

The new Fender corporate headquarters will occupy an impressive 90,000-square-foot office space at the site of the former Paradise Valley Mall, now known as PV. This strategic relocation decision will see Fender move away from its current corporate headquarters located just 10 miles northeast of the PV mall site at 17600 N. Perimeter Dr., situated off Loop 101 and Princess Drive.

Fender’s new corporate home in Phoenix is not only designed to accommodate its existing Arizona workforce of 200 employees but also to create an additional 100 jobs in the near future, as per city of Phoenix documents.

The Phoenix City Council recently gave unanimous approval to a development agreement that includes incentives for Fender Musical Instruments Corp., without any public discussion. These incentives have been extended to support Fender’s relocation of its Scottsdale co-headquarters to the new build-to-suit office within the former Paradise Valley mall redevelopment, as well as the company’s commitment to generating an estimated 100 new jobs.

To facilitate Fender’s transition from Scottsdale to Phoenix and to incentivize the addition of 100 new jobs within five years of completing the project, the city of Phoenix has devised a performance-based job creation reimbursement strategy through its strategic economic development fund, as indicated in official documents.

Under this arrangement, Fender will receive $2,500 for each net new job created, specifically tied to the Phoenix location. These newly created positions are expected to boast an average annual salary of $100,000. Notably, the agreement’s term is set at six years for final reporting and payment, as detailed in a city report.

Over the course of a decade, Fender’s expansion is projected to have a substantial economic impact, generating an estimated $4.2 million in taxes, and contributing to an economic output of approximately $456.9 million, according to city reports. While the specifics of these estimates are yet to be fully disclosed, the move aligns with the larger redevelopment plans for the 100-acre PV site, led by Phoenix-based Red Development. This ambitious project is set to feature a 3-acre central park, along with a vibrant community space surrounded by dining, hotel, entertainment, and retail offerings.

Fender Musical Instruments Corp.’s relocation to the former Paradise Valley Mall signifies not only a new chapter in the company’s storied history but also a positive development for the local Phoenix job market and economy. As the project takes shape, it is poised to leave a significant imprint on both the musical and business landscapes of the area.