By Gretchen Pahia

If you’re looking to have a healthier New Year—filled with solace, tranquility, peace, and serenity—look no further than Inner Vibes Yoga & Wellness.

The new studio, located at 3241 E. Shea Boulevard, Ste. 7, in Phoenix, offers intuitive guided coaching, personal training, chiropractic care, and health and wellness coaching services. A one-stop-shop for all your self-care needs, Inner Vibes Yoga & Wellness aims to take care of your body, mind, and soul. Owner Amanda Mikesell says their hope is to get local residents back on track with health and fitness, and no goal is too big or too small.

“We are a small yoga studio and want to help new clients feel more comfortable to start a new experience or support those who want to start up a yoga practice again and don’t feel comfortable going to a huge gym,” she explains. “We offer foundations of strength and yoga to build the client up to a different level of practice. There is a class for everyone.”

“Daily movement doesn’t just help the body, but it continues through the mind and breath,” Mikesell continues. “After all, yoga is a breathing practice and many people simply forget to take a moment and breathe.”

The wellness part of Inner Vibes Studio is meant to help clients focus on the nutrition that feeds their body and help to eliminate toxic habits that no longer serve their needs. “Eating right fuels our bodies,” Mikesell says. “We need to learn to eat from the earth again and eat to live and not live to eat.”

Mikesell is hopeful that Inner Vibes will help people to see a difference in their overall well-being and keep them motivated to push forward, with hope for a healthy future. “Our plan is to build a community of like-minded people to help each other on their journey of healing or overcoming life obstacles,” she says. “I’m also hoping to expand within the next couple of years, basically making two studios within one to offer more options of classes with other services as well. We want to be the ultimate one-stop-shop for health and wellness in the North valley.”

While Inner Vibes only caters to adults and teens now, the hope is that soon they will be able to include kids’ yoga and other related wellness options. “Right now, we are just a small studio with limited space, and we are doing everything can to ensure people feel comfortable and relaxed. Our classes are more hands-on with adjusting and aligning the body with breath, and therefore are taking our growth one step at a time.”

Inner Vibes Yoga is accepting new students but recommends that they sign up for classes online ahead of time at due to the limited space. They are also recommending that people bring their own yoga mats and water bottles for use during class. However, if you do not have a mat of your own, they do have some available to rent.

If 2022 is the year you invest in your health and wellness, Inner Vibes Yoga is the place for you. Learn more by visiting