We’re ready for warm weather and endless sunshine! Summertime means backyard barbeques, beach cookouts and dining al fresco. Floral Elixir Co. makes the perfect addition for all your outdoor entertaining menus. Flavored with Violet, Hibiscus, Lavender and other real flowers, these delicious syrups add the floral touch to all your beverages – alcoholic or otherwise – turning the ordinary into unforgettable.

Floral Elixir Co.’s creations are made from real flowers and botanicals. More potent than traditional syrups with a delicate sweet, citrus balance, Floral Elixirs are perfect for tea, sparkling soda, water and lemonades. They’re also great to mix with champagne and spirits! Any drink you can think of is that much better with a splash of flowers by Floral Elixir Co.!

Drink your flowers with Floral Elixir Co. and add a dash of garden color to your outdoor menu.

Why You’ll Want Floral Elixirs This Summer:

  • All natural– made with tasty flowers, a touch of pure cane sugar and natural plant-based colors
  • Little goes a long way– you only need to add ½ ounce of any Floral Elixir to get the full experience
  • Versatile – elevate the flavors of tea, soda waters, cocktails, champagne, lemonades and wines.
  • Variety of flavors– choose from 14 different flower syrups
  • Available in two sizes– choose from 8.5 ounce ($15.00) or 2 ounces ($6.00)
  • Flower Cocktail Kits– receive a variety of flavors in one gift box ($29.00) that pairs flavors with different spirits and non-alcoholic drinks. These kits are available in 14 different themes including these best sellers: Champagne Lover, Vodka Lover, Whiskey Lover, Tea Lover, Soda Lover, and Tipsy Lemonades.

For more information, visit www.drinkyourflowers.com