Photo courtesy of CCV Anthem

In a community effort to combat hunger, the Foothills Food Bank and Resource Center has announced the launch of its “Purge Your Pantry” food drive. This ambitious initiative seeks to collect 44,000 pounds of food and hygiene products over a period of 44 days, from April 1 through May 14. The drive aims to ensure that the food bank’s shelves remain well-stocked throughout the summer months, a critical time when many local families face increased food insecurity.

Cave Creek’s Foothills Food Bank, situated in a region identified as a food desert, underscores the persistent issue of hunger that does not cease, even as the school year ends. During the summer, numerous children in the area lose access to the one reliable meal they receive through school programs, placing additional strain on their families and the resources of the food bank.

“We’re excited to announce a goal that will keep our shelves stocked through the summer,” says Lauren Cobb, program manager of Foothills Food Bank and Resource Center. “The North Valley has many dual-home residents who leave the Valley during the warmer months, some leaving behind full pantries. And there are many who spring clean, which is why we wanted to capitalize on this opportunity to provide a win-win solution.” She encourages the donation of any unopened and non-expired food items, in addition to cleaning and personal hygiene products.

Donations are welcomed at the Foothills Food Bank Warehouse located at 6038 E. Hidden Valley Dr., Cave Creek. The food bank also offers pick-up services for large donations, ensuring that every contribution, regardless of size, can be accommodated.

Moreover, the Foothills Food Bank is advocating for community engagement through hosting local food drives. Neighborhoods, worship centers, workplaces, and various groups are encouraged to participate, further amplifying the impact of the initiative.

The drive comes at a time when the Foothills Food Bank is expanding its operations. Construction of a new campus on Carefree Highway and 41st Street is underway, with its doors set to open in early 2025. Thanks to community support, grants, and sponsorships, the food bank has already secured nearly 75% of the funding needed for the project.

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