Photo courtesy of Trevor’s Liquor

Trevor’s Liquor recently opened its second location in the Scottsdale 101 Shopping Center located at 7000 E. Mayo Blvd.
The local owners have set out to redefine the way Arizonans thinks about liquor stores, by creating an engaging and unique experience for customers.

“We are eager to build a community around our store, whether people come to Trevor’s to shop their favorite products or just to have fun,” says Jeff McDonald, owner and partner of Trevor’s Liquor. “Our team is proud to shake up the liquor store industry in Arizona to become more immersive and add elements of fun.”

The new 15,000 square-foot space features the ultimate liquor store experience with more than just the traditional aisles of spirits. Trevor’s offers a selection of beer, wine, spirits, and luxury cigars, a tasting booth, an artisanal pizza kitchen, games, two golf simulators, a cigar lounge, a walk-in-humidor, a luxury champagne room, and a full bar featuring draft beer, fine wine, craft cocktails, rare spirits, and more. Trevor’s also has a beautiful patio with comfortable chairs for lounging.

Despite opening during the pandemic in 2020, Trevor’s Liquor recorded tremendous success with its first Scottsdale location, 7340 E. McDowell Rd., as the area’s first combined store and bar experience.

In 2022, Trevor’s Liquor sales increased by 28.3% from 2021. The first store in South Scottsdale includes a beer cave, a walk-in humidor, a beer and wine bar, and a tasting area.

Jordan Chandler, award winning mixologist and beverage director, curated the craft cocktail menu with a selection of high-quality ingredients and spirits.

Executive chef Parker Rosbrook has strong experience creating delicious dishes and has brought his skillset to Trevor’s Liquor to dish up made-from-scratch pizza and salads.

Visitors can also shop for products and learn more about community events held at both locations on their website