Are you interested in diving into the dollars and sense behind what makes the city of Phoenix run?

Now you can learn more about all the programs and services the city provides, and what it costs to bring them to you every day.
That’s possible through a new tool, called FundPHX, that takes the city’s $1.4 billion General Fund operating budget and brings it directly to your device – computer, smart phone or tablet. All the city’s programs are there, with costs and descriptions, so you can learn about what it takes to provide everything from youth recreation activities to reading programs and senior services in your neighborhood. The tool is loaded with General Fund budgets for departments or city functions. Each of those areas is also linked to the city’s Inventory of Programs, which provides more detail on a department- and program-specific level.

With FundPHX you can provide comments directly on the budget, and let the city know what you think is important. You can add funding to programs you’d like to see grow, and reallocate funding from programs that you feel could be used elsewhere. Once you’ve made your choices, save your work, and share it with the city.

An essential part of planning for the city of Phoenix is the development of its annual budget every year. The more than $1.4 billion General Fund operating budget includes everything from police and fire services, to parks, libraries, and senior services.
The city of Phoenix is known for one of the most transparent and participatory budgeting processes in the country. Over the years, staff has looked for ways to include more people in the budgeting process, especially those who are not able to attend the city’s budget hearings. This tool allows people to participate at their own pace, on their own schedule, in conjunction with the city’s traditional budget process. The FundPHX software lets you see for yourself what each service costs, and how much it would cost (or save) when you change service levels.

With a budget that size, supporting the fifth largest city in the country and 1.7 million residents, it can be a challenge to understand everything that goes into the services you receive. To help residents better understand how our budget is created, the Budget & Research Department has added a new tool to gather feedback and help you see what makes Phoenix run.

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