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When we meet new people, have photos taken, or countless other daily life experiences, one thing stands out—our smile. For those who have experienced tooth loss or have inadequate dentures, these experiences can be cause for extreme anxiety and a loss of self-confidence—not to mention potentially harmful medical issues. Fortunately, Kevin Gasser, D.D.S., and the team at Gasser Dental are committed to creating life transformations for their patients by utilizing patient-specific dental implant solutions and delivering the best combination of quality, experience, comfort, care, and price.

“One of the first things I always notice in a person is their smile,” Dr. Gasser explains. “As a dentist, my greatest satisfaction comes from restoring quality of life for someone who suffers each day due to the loss of one or more of their teeth or wearing inadequate dentures. A beautiful, functional, comfortable smile can radically improve a person’s medical health, function, and confidence. In my career, I have witnessed this profound life transformation for thousands of patients, and I still get such joy in helping every unique patient with their unique solution to good dental health and esthetics.”

The Gasser Dental Difference
Dr. Gasser is a highly experienced practitioner who utilizes the All-on-4® treatment concept.
He explains that the concept is designed to be a cost-effective and natural-looking solution for patients who are missing all or most of their natural teeth. Recently, Dr. Gasser was awarded the Nobel Biocare Center of Excellence Award. As one of only 300 doctors in North America to receive this award, patients can choose their dental implant dentist with confidence. The Center of Excellence distinction ensures a patient can select a practitioner who has the necessary surgical experience and training to offer the All-on-4® treatment concept. A patient can also be assured that their Nobel Biocare implants are authentic and backed by a lifetime warranty.

“We mainly see adult patients, ages 40 to 80, who have had extremely difficult dental experiences,” Dr. Gasser explains. “They are often exhausted, frustrated, and the condition of tooth loss is extensive. Once we treat them, there is almost always an immediate transformation. They see a change in their lives and personality—and I’m grateful to be able to help them make that transformation.”
“I am happy to say I’ve had the pleasure of practicing dentistry in Arizona for 28 years. Gasser Dental has been a leader in providing the patented All-on-4®, a full arch of teeth on just four implants, for over 15 years,” he continues. “I have promoted the technology and benefits of dental implants in dozens of TV interviews on all the network channels. My highly trained, skilled, caring, and professional staff each have extensive experience in their fields.”

Dr. Gasser and his team share that Gasser Dental is unique for many reasons, including:

Life Transforming Results
The goal of treatment is to change people’s lives and transform them. “Dental implants are a means to an end,” Dr. Gasser says. “A beautiful, functional, comfortable smile can radically improve your medical health, function and confidence.”

Patient-Specific Solutions
The team at Gasser Dental believe that each patient deserves customized options that fit their life. “At Gasser Dental, we listen to you, learn about your differences and offer custom and patient-specific options,” Dr. Gasser explains.

Quality Materials and Service
Quality of materials and service is of top importance at Gasser Dental, according to the practice.
• They use premium implants by Noble Biocare, the number one worldwide implant provider for decades.
• All new implant components are used for each patient. They never reuse parts.
• Premium restoration materials that deliver the best combination of cosmetics, strength biocompatibility and longevity are always utilized.
• They use scientific based protocols that have stood the test of time.
• They utilize the latest high-tech equipment and materials that are supported by scientific data and add value to the patient.
• Gasser Dental specializes in evidence based IV sedation and post-operative pain management protocols proven effective and safe for over 25 years.

When it comes to quality service, Gasser Dental features five-star customer service that includes a full range of dental services and critical follow-up care after the treatment is delivered.
The Right Experience
Experience matters when it comes to quality dental care, and Dr. Gasser has successfully placed and restored thousands of dental implants for nearly 30 years right here in Arizona. His staff also has several years’ worth of experience, too.

“My team and I are committed to creating life transformations for our patients by utilizing patient-specific dental implant solutions and by delivering the best combination of quality, experience, comfort, care, and price,” Dr. Gasser says.

One doctor. One location.
Gasser Dental is a private practice. This means that Dr. Gasser and his team maintain complete care, from initial diagnostics to end-of-treatment follow-up care. He does the sedation, surgery, and restorative work himself.

“In my practice, there are no handoffs to other doctors or other facilities,” he says. “At Gasser Dental, we focus on an accelerated treatment plan that is time-efficient yet respects science and nature. We follow a specific protocol to obtain the best possible results in the shortest time possible for each patient’s specific case. In addition, there are payment plan options available to qualified patients.”

The First Step to a New Smile and Transformed Life
“We try to make the first step as easy as possible by scheduling a free, no-obligation initial consultation,” Dr. Gasser says.

Gasser Dental offers all new patients a no-fee consultation and free iCat scan ($475 value). Dr. Gasser conducts the exam and treatment discussion himself.

“I personally feel preventative care is always the best course of action for long-term dental health. However, people who are unhappy with their smiles, have ill-fitting dentures, or have difficulty eating should seek solutions for a better-quality life,” Dr. Gasser says. “Our office is non-judgmental, and we cater to those who are afraid of dental treatment. The time, costs, and technology have never been better for smile restorations. When investigating dental implants, remember that experience, quality, and protocol matters.”

Gasser Dental is located at 17220 N. Boswell Boulevard, #200W, in Sun City. To learn more about Gasser Dental, call 623-972-8217 or visit