Want to know the magic that happens after you click “buy” on Amazon? Take a break from the summer heat and step inside Amazon’s fully air-conditioned Phoenix fulfillment center for a behind-the-scenes tour.

This month, Amazon is celebrating the five-year anniversary of its public tours program, which highlights the innovation, technology and customer obsession of the employees who help Amazon to pick, pack and ship millions of customer orders around the globe.

What you’ll see and experience on a tour:
• Amazing people and technology working together to fulfill customer orders
• A warehouse the size of 28 football fields packed with products
• Miles of conveyor belts and ramps moving packages seamlessly
• How Amazonians find exactly what you’ve ordered among millions of products
• Learn how Amazon smile boxes are stacked for shipment to your front door

Since the program’s launch in May 2014, Amazon’s fulfillment centers have welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, including students, elected officials, nonprofit organizations and members of the public. Visitors must be six years or older. To book a free tour of Amazon’s Phoenix fulfillment center, visit www.amazon.com/fctours.